Doctor Who: Dalek Strategist by Character Options

Folks, I really didn’t expect to get anything posted today. Black Friday was a bitch and I just got off working a ten hour shift this morning at 7am. I slept for a few hours, ate some pizza, and now I’m just trying to stay up a little longer before getting myself back to sleep, hopefully for the night, so I can get up and do it all over again tomorrow at 6am… yeah. Nonetheless, the postman dropped off this Doctor Who figure today and since it’s only a recolor of a figure I’ve already reviewed (twice now), I just thought I’d throw it out there.

So, slowly but surely CO is shelling out the New Paradigm Daleks in figure form. The red Drone Dalek has been available on a single carded release or as part of the Underhenge figure set, and now the blue Strategist has found its way to the pegs in a single carded version. Right now the yellow (Eternal) and the orange (Scientist) Daleks have also been available as limited exclusives, although word is that CO will be making all of the new Daleks available as single carded releases in the near future.

The Dalek Strategist comes in the Series 5 packaging. Again, I like the card and while mint-on-card collectors may bemoan CO’s dropping of the clamshell format, frankly I love the fact that I can now get at my figure without needing a blowtorch. The back panel shows this wave of figures, which is I guess what we would call a revision rather than a full wave. We’ve seen all of these figures before, with the exception of the Looping Angel, which is just the same mold recast in translucent plastic and Professor Bracewell with his hand painted to be wearing a glove like he was seen for a few seconds in The Pandorica Opens. Seriously, CO? No Rory, no Liz Ten and no River Song, but you had to rerelease a new version of Bracewell by painting one of his hands? Alrighty then…

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love this mold. I’m still not convinced that I want this design to be the Daleks used from now on in the show, but it sure makes for a great action figure. Once again, the paint used for this figure is amazing. It’s high gloss with very little slop or bleed and it looks absolutely fantastic when flanked by my two Drone Daleks. I still don’t like the organic eyeball at the end of the stalk, though, it just seems silly.

The articulation remains the same. You have three ball joints: One for the weapon, one for the sucker, and one for the eyestalk. He also rolls around on three wheels.

And, yeah, that’s all I really have to say about this guy. If you own the mold in one of the other colors, you know exactly what to expect here. He looks great and he’s tons of fun. E-tailers seem to be selling him for an average of $14.99, give or take a buck, which is not too bad seeing as it’s an import and considering how much some of the first wave of Series 5 figures retailed for. So, go get him!

21 comments on “Doctor Who: Dalek Strategist by Character Options

  1. i love the dalek stratigist and the other four im getting the stratigist brand new not oppened ever in the box from ebay from character options love yours and your two drones i have 1 drone that came with the underhenge set then the dalek scientist with the 11th dr and and the stone dalek that came with the underhenge set and one dalek ironside with the ear covers on.

    • Brilliant! I still need to pick up an Ironside with the ear covers. I have a pair of those without the covers. Also still want to get the one with the tea tray that came with Churchill!!!

  2. really sad news Matt Smith is leaving dr who after his last two episodes after the next one he will be in he will regenerate to the 12th dr which im not looking forward to.

    • I know. I was hoping for one more year for #11. Oh well. I didn’t think I was going to like Smith when he started, but he turned out great. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

  3. yes! really good news this time first go i won the online ebay bid to get a dalek stratigist it will be here in a few days! cant wait!

  4. hey mate could you do me a massive favour hope its not to much really shouldn’t ask it of you but could you add photos in this dalek stratigist site of all your daleks in this website only not on facebook but this one love to see them all thanks!

  5. hey pal im going to do something really funny when im in school read my own writing oh one more thing HI SCHOOL! gGg!

  6. your a good friend figurefan zero ever consider collecting Star Wars i tend to call myself the biggest fan ever of it

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