Doctor Who: Regenerating Weeping Angel by Character Options

I was going to take a pass on this figure, but when the Dalek Strategist came out, I wanted to order at least one more figure to make the cost of shipping worthwhile. I’ve said before that I’m not a huge fan of the Weeping Angels. Maybe it’s because they were introduced in one of those lame Doctor-Lite stories. Either way, I’ll give credit where credit is due, The Time of Angels and Flesh and Stone were pretty enjoyable episodes, albeit with an ultimately anti-climactic story.

Anyway… the Angels have been released in figure form before, but this time we get them all beaten up and regenerating as they absorb the radiation from the engines of the crashed starcruiser, Byzantium. I’m told this figure comes in two variants, one with a calm head, and the one we’re going to look at today, which has a screaming head. I think swappable heads would have been nice, especially since we’ve had to choke down a lot of mediocre figures in Series 5 this year. But I digress…

Yep, it’s the same packaging we saw last time with the Dalek Strategist. I don’t have much to add here.

If you like your figures to look like statues, Series 5 was a good year for you. We got a stone Dalek, a stone Roman Auton and now one of these guys. Steven Moffat seems to have some kind of masonry fetish when it comes to Doctor Who adversaries. The only difference is that the Angel is sculpted to be made out of stone from the get-go, whereas the Dalek and the Roman were just repaints with some texture added. The detailing here is very nice and the overall effect of weathering and cracking and general wear comes across strong. Still, the face is my favorite part of the sculpt, mainly because it’s downright scary and captures the countenance of its screen counterpart perfectly.

The Angel has pretty good articulation, although the molded skirt does inhibit quite a bit of its leg movement. At least you can still make use of the hinged knees and swivels in the ankles. The arms rotate at the shoulders, have swivels in the biceps and wrists, and hinged elbows. The head also rotates. I was surprised to see that the wings can flap a little bit too and can also be removed completely, if you want to depict your Angel in a further state of decay.

I think CO did a pretty nice job on this figure and it’s probably worth your money even if you have one of the original Angel figures. It’s an impressive sculpt and I’m glad I picked this one up, even though I had my doubts beforehand. Of course, if you have a real Weeping Angel fetish, you can also pick up the Looping Angel, which is supposed to be the one projected out of the security vid that tried to possess Amy. I’m told that one is available in two variants as well. Happy hunting… just don’t blink!

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