Masters of the Universe Classics: He-Man (The Re-re-issue) by Mattel

Is that right? The re-re-issue? I’m not counting the crappy recolor that got bundled with DCUC Superman at Toys R Us, so by my reckoning this is the third time the Classics He-Man has been made available, in his original version, on MattyCollector. No, I’m not some obsessed psycho who purchased all of them. This is my first MOTUC version of the original He-Man, as I started collecting these figures when Battle Armor He-Man came out and thus missed out on him on the first go around… and the second. While retailers across the Web were slashing prices for Cyber Monday, Mattel was magnanimously allowing us all to paw through a bunch of sloppy seconds at full price. Yeah, they love us over there. I actually really wanted the DCUC “Color of Fear” set, but as that sold out in a flash, I was happy enough to pick up He-Man here, along with some flight stands. Considering I didn’t get to a computer until that evening, I was satisfied.
It seems like forever since I last got one of these MOTUC figures. I skipped Moss Man and Grizzlor because I wasn’t wholly satisfied with the look of the final products, and I got skunked on Whiplash and Gygor. Anyway, I almost forgot how awesome the packaging looks. It’s the same green stone Greyskull styled card and insert, with a huge bubble to show off the figure. There’s an added oval on the insert that says, “The Original” to signify that this is one of the re-issues and not the first release. Why Mattel indicates a re-issue with a sticker that says, “The Original” still befuddles me, but then again, my He-Man’s shoulders are on right, so I already know it’s not the first release. Unfortunately, He-Man is still packaged in a bit of an action pose, which means his leg hinges are a bit miffed coming out of the package, but I was able to fix those pretty well with a little heat and a lot of patience.

Ok, I don’t have a lot to say about the figure himself, because he’s been out forever and I’m guessing that most anyone who wants one has one by now. Besides, everyone knows He-Man. He’s that big muscular dude in a furry diaper. The sculpt is excellent. The head is more or less the same as the one that came on my Battle Armor He-Man. His harness includes the loop on the back so that he can store his sword or battle axe. Thankfully, the shoulder snafu on the original figure was fixed for the releases. The paint apps on my figure are pretty much immaculate, but then that’s been the case with almost all my MOTUC figures, so by this point I expect nothing less.

He-Man comes with a lot of great accessories. You get his sword, along with the half of the Power Sword, a battle axe and a shield. The sword is an especially nice treat for me since I didn’t have a proper sword for my Battle Armor He-Man and he had to make do with the 200x style sword that came with Man-At-Arms. The battle axe is the same that came with my Battle Armor He-Man. The shield is pretty cool and clips onto his wrist.

As expected, the articulation on the figure is top notch. You get a ball jointed head. The arms have universal joins in the shoulders, swivels in the biceps and wrists and hinged elbows. His legs have universal movement in the hips, hinged knees and ankles, and swivels at the boots. He-Man swivels at the waist and has the ab-crunch hinge in the torso. He has no problems sitting on Battle Cat and looking awesome while doing it.

I’m really very happy to finally have this figure in my collection. Nothing against Battle Armor He-Man, he’s an awesome figure too, but he was always just a place holder to last until I was able to get the original style. Now I can bump him off my Battle Cat and display these guys as they were meant to be. I’m really content with the MOTU figures I have now. I’m still considering picking up a few of the interesting ones that come up, and I still need to get a She-Ra, Whiplash and Gygor, but with original He-Man in my collection, I can now say that any additional figures I get are just gravy. [Oh yeah, I forgot. Except for The Sorceress, she’s still pretty much essential! -FF]

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