Toy Story 3: Lego Army Man and Jeep by Lego

I’m probably as amazed as some of you to see a Toy Story 3 headliner here. I don’t think I’ve ever sat through any of these movies in their entirety, but I can understand the nostalgia behind the old Army Men toys and when I saw this Lego set at the checklane at Target the other day for $3.99… well, why wouldn’t I buy it, eh? Keep in mind, this is a stocking stuffer type item. With only 37 pieces, it’s like a much simpler, smaller version of the Army Men Jeep kit that Lego put out in boxed form.

The set comes in a cellophane type baggie with a printed front, similar to what the Lego Mini Figures come in, only this is transparent. Like the bag says, Warning Small Parts. Take my advice, if you’re opening one of these, do it into a box top or a bowl or cup or anything, but don’t just dump it on to the table. I did that and a bunch of wheel shaped pieces rolled in every direction possible and I had to get a few of them away from the ever vigilant FigureFeline before I could start anything. I wasn’t even sure I had all the pieces recovered until I was done.

The Army Man figure is the same scale and type as Lego’s regular Mini Figures. Naturally he’s all green and has a printed shirt pattern on his chest. He comes with a helmet, a walkie talkie and a stand designed just like the ones the old Army Men were molded with. The homage is really well done, although I would have liked a little gun for him.

The Jeep is more like a Mini Jeep, or maybe even a go-kart as it’s just a little one-seater. It’s only comprised of three different colored blocks: Green, black and grey. It has some cool little details for such a simple toy, like two antenni, a front grill and front and back lights. It also rolls along really well and the Mini Figure can sit in it. You also get a couple extra bricks, which was a nice surprise in a set this tiny.

So, yeah. This is a really simple little set, but you pretty much know that coming in. It’s kind of cool and I had fun putting it together, even if it did just take a few minutes. I think the best thing about the set is it gives you the chance to add the Army Man Mini Figure to your collection without having to buy a more expensive set. This set was only a dollar more than I paid for each of the Mini Figures I’ve picked up and the Jeep is certainly worth that extra buck. I don’t know if Target is the only one selling these, but you should be able to find them at the checkouts or back in their Christmas section in all the bins of crap.

One thing I do know. I really need to make it a New Year’s Resolution to start buying more Lego sets. I love these things to death and I really want to start featuring them more often.

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