Transformers Animated: Oil Slick by Hasbro

Just a couple more TF:A Deluxe figures to look at and I’ll be all caught up. Today is all about the very cool Decepticon motorcycle, Oil Slick. Was he ever in the cartoon? I don’t know. Granted, there are still a lot of episodes I haven’t seen, but I don’t recall ever seeing him in the ones I have watched.


Oil Slick comes carded in his motorcycle mode with his two barrels mounted off and below the figure. Yep. Not much else to say here.




His motorcycle mode is a crazy looking evil chopper with a ram skull mounted on the handlebars. I love the design of this thing. The wheels are doubled, which give him added stability to stand. There are spikes running up and down the front and he’s got some cool tattoo-like designs painted on his gas tank. The back portion has removable saddle-bagged barrels, which I assume he can drop off like mines, which is a pretty damn cool idea. It’s a fine looking bike, apart from the colors that just remind me of various shades of barf. It’s not the most attractive toy around, but hey, he’s a Decepticon. The ram horns and handlebars are made of a really soft plastic, which I’m not crazy about, but so far they don’t seem to be real prone to warping.



For a motorcycle Transformer, Oil Slick has an amazingly clean and kibble-free robot mode. He’s very well proportioned and free of unsightly clutter. Most of his bike bits pack well onto his shoulders and lower legs. Even his saddlebag barrels peg onto his feet without really getting in the way. I also love his huge claw-like hands. I’d love to see Oil Slick get the same reworking as Lockdown got and see him with a more realistically styled sculpt for Generations. His design just really is that good.


His head sculpt is pretty unique, as his head is encased under a translucent sickly-green bubble. It’s odd, but delightfully original and gives him a lot of character.


Oil Slick’s articulation is solid. His head rotates and can even bob up and down a bit as a result of his transformation. His arms have ball joints in the shoulders and hinged elbows. His legs are ball jointed at the hips and hinged at the knees. He’s a really poseable and fun figure. The back panel of the cards actually shows a real metal chain for the weapon, but in reality it’s just a plastic chain, but it still works fine.



One of Oil Slick’s barrels open up, so you can put something in it. I recommend lighter fluid so you can set it ablaze and toss it at one of your Autobots. [Kids, please do not fill your toys with lighter fluid and set them on fire. -FF] The other one pulls apart and forms a flail weapon that pegs into his hand. The photo on the back panel of the card shows the chain as being metal, but in reality it’s just made up of plastic links. It’s still really cool, though and adds a lot of fun to the figure.


It’s crazy how many times I passed on Oil Slick when I saw him on the pegs. He’s one of those figures that never impressed me on the card, but when I got him in hand, I was totally blown away by what a cool figure he actually is. He’s definitely one of the better motorcycle Transformers I’ve seen in a long time and well worth picking up.

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