Transformers Revenge of the Fallen: Mindwipe by Hasbro

Generally speaking, I don’t have a problem finding Transformers at retail. In fact, it’s probably one of the few toylines I collect that I can actually say that about. Of course, every once and a while there’s an exception. Most recently, it was Highbrow from the Hunt for the Decepticons line, but back when Revenge of the Fallen was out, that one elusive figure was Mindwipe. I’d only seen him once at retail and that was at some Kmart where they were charging like $29.99 for him and so I passed. But just this past week I was finally able to pick him up.

Been a while since I’ve seen this… a Revenge of the Fallen box. Actually this is part of the NEST subline, but the box remains pretty much the same. If I cared about preserving the packaging, I would really hate all these jaggy edges. Mindwipe comes packaged in his stealth fighter jet mode with just two twisty ties standing in the way of his freedom.

As a stealth fighter, Mindwipe is pretty sweet. His overall configuration bears a slight resemblance to Cybertron Soundwave, but don’t hold that against him. As alt modes go, the stealth fighter mode is a nice compromise, since Mindwipe was a robotic vampire bat in the original G1 continuity. The jet mode looks outstanding, although you really need to flanagal it right to make it mesh together perfectly. The jet is mostly green with a few purple paint apps, a red translucent cockpit and some unfortunate silver tattoos on the wings, which I would have rather Hasbro left out.

If you’re into play features, Mindwipe’s jet mode is pretty barren. There isn’t so much as a firing missile launcher to be found. That doesn’t bother me at all, when the toy looks this good, but I realize it may put off some people. Although, there is one cool little feature. If you happen to own the ROTF Scout Class Skystalker figure he can dock with Mindwipe when he’s in his drone jet mode. You just peg him right onto the top. It’s rather nifty to have two such awesome figures interact like this, and it’s also a nice little nod to the Robots in Disguise Dreadwind and Smokejumper figures, or if you prefer, Beast Wars Neo Starscream and BB.

And then there’s Mindwipe’s robot mode, which is like Hasbro mixed the plastic with pure, concentrated awesome. Mindwipe’s transformation isn’t overly complex and yet it is surprisingly satisfying. His mech alive gimmick includes a simple auto-transformation of his wing tips as you move them into place. Overall, his proportions and design are drop dead sexy and his head sculpt is easily my favorite in the entire line. I particularly like how he has two creepy beady eyes peering out from behind the translucent visor. There are also a fair number of tweaks you can do to personalize his robot mode, with regard to the position of the wings on his shoulders and his back. I think the only downside of Mindwipe is that he makes me a little sad inside that this wasn’t more akin to the mold used for Starscream, because it’s superior in every possible way. Seriously, whoever designed this figure was possibly under the influence of divine inspiration.

Mindwipe’s articulation includes a ball jointed head, shoulders that feature double hinges as well as rotating arms, and double hinges again in his elbows. His legs have universal movement at the hips as well as hinged joints in the knees and ankles. He also has retracting energon daggers positioned under each of his forearms.

Even if you aren’t a fan, or don’t even remember much about the original Mindwipe, this figure has all the chops it needs to stand on his own as a marvelous Transformer in any line. He also does a good job of straddling the design elements of the movieverse and something a bit more akin to the Classics scene, which means he should be able to find a home in just about any Transfan’s collection.

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