Masters of the Universe Classics: Buzz-Off by Mattel

Looky here, I’ve got a new MOTUC figure from Matty!!! Yeah, it wasn’t too long ago that I looked at the re-issue He-Man, but this is the first brand new MOTUC figure I’ve picked up since getting Chief Carnivus way back when. I probably would have passed on Buzz-Off if I hadn’t been re-watching so many episodes of MYP He-Man lately. Good thing, too, since he turned out to be a pretty solid figure. It also helped that he was still available when I was finally able to get to the computer several hours after the sale started. Either the production numbers really are going up, or not a lot of people were all that keen on poor Buzz-Off here.

Buzz-Off comes in the same packaging we’ve been seeing all along: A white mailer box with a Greyskull themed card. Not much else to say here, except it looks as awesome as ever. The back panel shows a bunch of other MOTUC figures, which you can’t buy anymore outside of Ebay. It also has Buzz-Off’s bio, which apparently pissed off a lot of hardocre He-Man fans because it lists his name as a bunch of buzzing sounds. Seriously? This really upset people? Wow. Is it really more offensive than Op-Tikk’s name, which is a series of blinks even when he doesn’t have an eyelid? Oooo-kay.

Since I’ve skipped a few figures here and there, it’s getting a little tougher for me to identify where some of the parts are being reused. Basically a good portion of Buzz-Off is new to me, but I’m guessing that some of these parts were used on maybe Whiplash or Webstor, two of the few figures I don’t own. Either way, Buzz-Off is refreshingly original looking and really stands out among my other figures in the collection. And any figure that can stand out in this crowd of circus freaks, well that’s really saying something.

There’s a lot of great texturing all over this figure. It’s on his feet, his shoulders and it’s on the darker segments of his torso. I love the fact that his bee-styled torso isn’t just striped with paint apps, but rather a brand new sculpt. The head sculpt is well done, again with some great texture work sculpted into the “hair” and an awesome shimmery green paint applied to the eyes. He even has little fangs protruding from his top lip. The claws were a bit of a surprise to me, but I like them as they further enhance his alien appearance. They aren’t articulated, but they still work very well in allowing him to hold his weapons.

Buzz-Off’s wings are absolutely fantastic. They’re translucent with a greenish-yellow tint and have sculpted details that resemble both the membranes in a real insect’s wings as well as circuitry. They’re attached to his back via ball joints, so they can be positioned up or down or in a variety of other ways. He also has two insect like legs coming off his back below the wings, and these are also ball jointed.

Buzz-Off comes with a nice collection of accessories. He has a pole-axe, a smaller one-handed fighting axe, and a helmet that slides over the top of his head. The pole axe is a cool trademark weapon for him, since the tip of it looks like a bees stinger. I believe the smaller hand axe may have been one of the weapons circulated in one of the weapons packs. The helmet is kind of silly looking, and I prefer to display him without it, but I think it may be growing on me.

Buzz-Off features standard MOTUC articulation, which includes: A ball jointed neck, Arms with ball jointed shoulders, swivels in the biceps and wrists, and hinged elbows. His legs feature ball jointed hips, and hinges in the knees and ankles. He can swivel at the waist, and while it doesn’t look like it, he does still have the ab crunch in his torso, just a lot lower and well disguised between his segments. He also has the aforementioned ball joints for his wings and his insect legs.

While I keep telling myself that I have most of the core characters I want, and won’t be buying as many of these figures in the next year, Matty keeps suckering me back in. Buzz-Off was certainly not on my list of must own figures in the line, and yet in the end, I couldn’t resist picking him up. He’s just a great example of everything that is fun and quirky about this toy line. Is he really worth the $30 he costs with tax and shipping? Well, let’s just say that some people’s mileage may vary.

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