DC Universe Classics Wave 13: Negative Man by Mattel

I’m kicking off Wave 13 with a look at one of the two figures that I cared the least about in the whole assortment, and that’s Negative Man here. I’m perfectly comfortable admitting that every now and then DCUC puts out a figure based on a character that even my vast reserves of nerd knowledge can’t recall much about. All I knew was he was part of the original Doom Patrol, so I dashed off to my trusty and well-worn copy of the DC Encyclopedia, 2004 Edition, to get the poop on Negative Man, but all he got was a couple of paragraphs, which doesn’t tell much more than the bio on the back of his card. If only the figure itself was stellar enough to carry the day, but I’m just not feeling it, so let’s just get this over with so I can move on to the figures I am far more excited about.

The packaging is… oh hell with it. You know what the packaging looks like. It’s the same packaging we’ve seen in the last wave and the wave before that. I’m done talking about the packaging for the rest of the week. I’m also done talking about those crappy little buttons that come with the figures. I’ve got a cigar box with three dozen of those things rattling around in it.

Negative Man features a pretty standard DCUC body sculpt with standard DCUC articulation. With the exception of his belt, hands and head, there’s no special tooling or sculpted detail, just the paint apps to make him look distinctive. His head and hands are sculpted with bandages and he has a nice simple look to him, but there’s not a lot more I can say about this figure. At least the paint apps on mine are crisp and clean.

Negative Man doesn’t come with any accessories, although he does come with the right leg piece to build the Trigon C&C figure, as well as Trigon’s staff. I would have much rather he just come with a stand, so I could have skipped him all together.

There’s nothing wrong with this figure. From the artwork that I was able to scare up, it looks pretty faithful to the source material. I just really wonder how many collectors out there are cheering at the fact that they finally have Negative Man in their collections. But that’s totally cool if you’re one of those people, see, because that’s what makes DCUC such an awesome line of figures. I mean, I doubt the streets weren’t awash with glee when Mister Miracle’s figure was released, but I remember that I was thrilled to get him because I read all his comics as a kid. Hell, I’m still waiting on Oberon. Not that Negative Man is really comparable to Scott Free in terms of importance to the DC Universe, but hopefully you get my drift. Oh yeah, if you are just crazy over Negative Man, he was also available as a variant unbandaged head version. Just saying, is all.

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