DC Universe Classics: “Fates Intertwined” Hawkgirl Vs. Gentleman Ghost by Mattel

[It’s DC Universe Week again and that means that I recently got a big honking case assortment of DCUC figures in the mail. Actually, I got them in a couple of weeks ago, but I’ve been busy. This time around it’s Wave 13. There are some figures in this assortment that I absolutely had to have in my collection, but this set definitely has fewer heavy hitters than most waves and I think this may have been one of the less popular waves to come out in a while. As such, it hasn’t commanded as heavy a price on the secondary market, which is why I was willing to bite the bullet, spend a little more and get the whole thing so I could build the Collect & Connect figure, Trigon. I’m going to try to hit two figures a day in separate posts, saving Trigon for last. But before we get into any of that, let’s kick off the week with a look at this awesome new two-figure pack, “Fates Intertwined.” -FF]

Back when Martian Manhunter was finally released in the DCUC line, many people were celebrating the final completion of their Justice League in this format. Many people, but not me, since I was still missing Hawkgirl. [Technically, I’m still missing John Stewart, but Hal Jordan is a perfectly fine stand-in for now. -FF] Hawkgirl is easy enough to find online, but finding her for a price that doesn’t constitute economic rape is another matter. That’s why I give Mattel huge kudos for finally re-releasing her in this two-pack. I bestow even further kudos for bundling her with the equally expensive Gentleman Ghost, a figure that has been going for insane prices on the secondary market. I do have to take back a few of those kudos for making this set a Walmart Exclusive, but I was ultimately able to get it, so it’s all good.

This set comes in what has become the standard fishtank style packaging for DCUC two-packs, that does a fine job replicating the stylings of the single carded figures. The window wraps around a bit on the sides and there’s an additional window on top, so the figures are displayed extremely well. There are only a few rubber bands holding the figures in, so theoretically, you can remove them and return them to the package for display, although between Hawkgirl’s wings and Gentleman Ghost’s cape, you may wind up mangling the tray trying to get them out. Both figures are packaged in a bit of an action pose, which worried me, but there doesn’t seem to be any warping to the joints on my figures. Also, don’t forget Hawkgirl’s spear taped to the bottom of the tray. I almost tossed the packaging with the spear still inside.

First off… Hawkgirl. This has been that one elusive DCUC figure I’ve been wanting to pick up since I started collecting the line a little over a year ago. I’m not really a fan of comic Hawkgirl, but man, did I love her in the Justice League cartoon. That bird lady can cuddle my bone any day. Because… um… cuddlebone… and birds… ‘kay. The sculpt is fantastic and I think the figure does a fine job straddling the traditional comic design with the more recent catoon style. I was also really happy to see that her sculpted hair doesn’t interfere too badly with her neck articulation going from side to side, although her head does tend to naturally look downward, and there’s not much you can do about it. The paint apps are overall pretty good, although there is a scratch in the yellow on my figure’s belt, which I may eventually touch up with some Testor’s flat enamel.

Hawkgirl’s wings are awesome, and I’d say almost perfect. The feathered sculpting looks fantastic and the articulation is great. The only problem here is that when she’s viewed from behind you’re treated to a pretty big unsightly hinge, but at least they appear to be durable. Amazingly, she is not overly backheavy and stands fine on her own. Hawkgirl is also one of the few figures that works really well with Mattel’s flight stands, since you can actually get the clip between the wings and around her waist.

And then, there’s Gentleman Ghost. Let me be honest here, I don’t really give two shits about Gentleman Ghost. I think I saw him once in an episode of Brave and the Bold, but apart from that the character doesn’t mean a lot to me. That having been said, he is one damn sweet looking figure, even more so when you factor in that he doesn’t have any paint apps whatsoever and severely fucks with my shitty camera’s white balance. He also has no head to speak of, and the figure is designed to use the high collar to suspend his hat and monicle is really genius, and the attention to detail in his tux really carries the figure well. The bottom part of his legs and cape are sort of translucent, which further drive’s home the ghost motif.

Wait, I’m forgetting something… accessories!!! No, getting accessories with our figures is not something we DCUC collectors are accustom to. That’s what happens when most of the characters in the line can kill you simply by punching you, or looking at you, or thinking about punching or looking at you. But this set really packs in the accessories. Hawkgirl comes with no less than three weapons. You get her trademark mace, a short sword, and her spear. I’m pretty sure the spear is different from the original release, but I’m not certain. Gentleman Ghost comes with a flintlock and a walking stick, both painted white, naturally. You’ll notice his walking stick isn’t in any of the out-of-package pictures. That’s because right after I opened the set, my cat ambushed me and ran off with it and won’t tell me where the hell he put it.

Retail on this set is about $29.99, which is typical for these two packs. In the end, I think the only collectors who aren’t going to see this set as a godsend are a) The ones patting themselves on the back for already owning these figures as their prices continued to climb and b) Those people who dropped a bundle for these figures on the secondary market shortly before this set was revealed. But then that’s always the problem with reissues. I’ve certainly had any number of figures in my collection devalued because of reissues, and I can’t say it’s ever bothered me. I do this for fun and not profit and if it helps a fellow collector get a figure they wanted, I give it my blessing.

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