DC Universe Classics Wave 13: Collect & Connect Trigon by Mattel

Man, it’s been a long week. If a few of these posts have seemed a little abrupt, it’s because I’ve been fighting a ridiculously busy week at work that has been sapping the very soul out of me each and every day. I also haven’t had a day off in eight days. There have been a few days this week where almost all I did before crashing in bed was one of these posts. But Friday’s here, I’ve finally got two days off, and so let’s kill off the week by taking a look at Wave 13’s Collect & Connect figure. He’s big, he’s red, he’s a sadistic bastard from another dimension… he’s Trigon!

I’m not being the biggest Teen Titans fan around. Trigon wasn’t necessarily tops on my list of DC Universe characters I needed to own in figure form. Or at least that was true until I saw the figure. Love him, hate him, don’t know who the hell he is, it doesn’t matter because this figure pretty much sells himself with his sheer awesomeness. Weighing it at twice as tall as many DCUC figures, he’s certainly an imposing fellow and his sculpt has the chops to back it up.
Ok, so in terms of body sculpt there isn’t a whole lot going on here. He’s mostly a slab of red muscle with his boots painted on. He does have sculpted arm bracers and a strap across his torso. He also has a loin cloth to protect his delicate demon modesty. But check out that head sculpt. It’s like Thor, Mr. Spock, Red Hulk, and an antelope had an orgy and this is the unholy product of that forbidden congress. Trigon’s mouth is agape with wonderfully sculpted and painted teeth, soft plastic antlers, and that extra set of eyes that is all the rage in Azarath these days. Obviously Raven gets her looks from her mother’s side.

Trigon also breaks tradition for the DCUC with a bonafide softgoods cape. The cape and plastic high collar are of course removable, since they were one of the components of his BAF nature. The cape even has a bendy wire frame that allows for some posing. Trigon also comes with a staff, cast in a really cool looking pearl colored plastic.

No two ways about it, Trigon is an awesome figure and definitely one of the more impressive of the C&C family. He looks amazing on the shelf and was well worth picking up the likes of Negative Man in order to complete him. Sorry, Negative Man, that was a low blow.

[Ok, so I was planning on slipping in a Justice League Unlimted 3-pack to round out the week, but I’m ready to move on to other things for a little bit, so I’ll come back to it later. I did get in the first wave of Green Lantern Classics yesterday, and it is a spectacular set of figures, but I’m going to hold off until Monday to look at those and rather then make another week of it, I’ll pack the whole thing into two or three posts to help keep those of you who aren’t that into DC stuff from getting bleary eyed. In the meantime, this weekend is going to be all about Ghostbusters and Legos. But right now, it’s all about booze and sleep. See ya tomorrow. -FF]

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