DC Universe Classics Wave 13: Donna Troy by Mattel

The last figure [Next to last… don’t forget about Trigon! -FF] on our Wave 13 whirlwind tour is none other than Donna Troy, Wonder Woman’s sister… er, magical clone… er, Wonder Girl… um… Multiverse composite with the… um, memories… oh, the hell with it. Go get yourself a copy of Brave and the Bold #60 to start to track Donna’s tortured continuity, but then this figure isn’t even modeled on that version, so let’s just forget it and take a look at the goddamn figure.

As with many of the DCUC figures, Wonder Girl relies as much on paint apps as she does on sculpting to make her who she is. She dresses a lot less gaudy than her sister, at least in this later incarnation. No red white and blue panties and she also shows off a lot less skin. Instead she’s wearing a red jumper with some yellow stars, a gold belt with the “W” beltbuckle, and her trusty golden lariat hanging off her hip. I’m usually happy with the face sculpts on the female DCUC figures, and Donna here is no exception to that. The sculpt is excellent right down to her star earrings and her perfectly sculpted hair. I’m also really happy with the paint apps on this figure, except for maybe the sleepy eyes. But apart from that there’s really no slop or bleeding to speak of.

Donna Troy doesn’t come with any accessories, unless you count her emotional baggage, and her permanently mounted lasso. She does, however, come with the pelvis and head pieces to build the Trigon C&C figure.

I purposely saved Donna for last because I didn’t want to write this post. It’s easy to blather on about a character you know, and it’s just as easy to claim total ignorance. Either way, I still like to attach something of the character’s backstory with the figure, but I’d need a week off from work and a prescription for some pretty strong stimulants to write that article and even then it wouldn’t make any sense. Besides, which I just don’t think the character is all that worth the trouble. Nonetheless, Donna Troy here is a fine, well-executed figure, which looks great standing on my Teen Titans shelf. The next and last stop? Trigon!

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