DC Justice League Unlimited: Superman, Galatea, The Huntress, and Booster Gold by Mattel

With DC’s Infinite Heroes line a thing of the past, I’ve had to begrudgingly get my fix of smaller DC figures elsewhere. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Justice League cartoon and Justice League Unlimited was pretty good too, but it took me a long time to warm up to the overly stylized nature of the JLU figures, not to mention some of their other recurring issues. Nonetheless, a few days ago I picked up one of the 3-packs as well as a single carded Booster Gold figure, so let’s check them out.

I love the look on the packaging here. The DC Universe style card is great, there’s animated stills of the characters on the back panel, and the figures are displayed well. What I don’t like is that the tray is designed to warp the legs of the female figures. Seriously, the ladies never stood a chance with their lower legs splayed out like that in the package. Luckily they come with stands. I’ve tried my best to warp them back into form, but the plastic is too soft and thin. Great job Mattel. Thanks a lot.

I’ll start with Superman, since I already own this mold, albeit with ugly Eclipso triangles all over it. The figure captures the animated style of the character pretty well and for the most part the paint apps are pretty clean. There are some serious quality control problems, though, with the seaming around his shoulders and the way his head fits on his neck. It just looks like the figure’s torso is ready to burst into two halves and shoot the head up in the air. Other than that, Sueprman is fine.

Galatea, on the other hand is a mess. The head sculpt is awful, particularly around the eyes where she looks like a Futurama character. The body is ok, if you ignore the fact that her legs are malformed from the package. All of the detail from the neck down is achieved with paint apps, which certainly gets the job done. Hey, Galatea, Power Girl called and she wants her shirt back. Moving on…

The Huntress is a great looking figure and from an aesthetics standpoint easily the best of this set. Unlike Galatea, her headsculpt is very well done and between the head, the cape and the paint apps, you’d be hard pressed to tell that this is the same figure as Galatea from the neck down. Unfortunately, that also includes the warped legs. But wait, what the hell is up with her arms. All of these figures use a rather soft plastic, but Huntress’ arms feel like she’s been left in a car in Florida for about four hours in the burning hot sun. They literally feel like they are made of the same plastic as her cape. Not cool.

This set originally retailed for around $15, which is a hell of a lot better than the ridiculous $9.99 that the single carded JLU figures sell for at Target or online. As fun as these figures are, I can barely justify paying the five bucks a pop each in the three-packs. There isn’t a single figure in this pack that doesn’t have serious issues that range from nagging to just downright awful. The pack does include two figure stands, which is a good thing because neither of the ladies will stand on their own. But it still irks me when Mattel tosses only two stands in a three figure pack, as if to suggest that the .000001 of a cent that those stands must cost to make prohibit them from including three.

Ok, moving on to Booster Gold. Sorry, I don’t have an in-package shot, but I just wanted to throw him in as a contrast to the other figures and to show that Mattel is capable of putting out a quality figure in this line. Sure, Booster is simple. He uses a standard body with paint apps to make him who he is. The head and collar are the only unique sculpted parts on this figure. Still, like the Superman mold, this figure does a great job capturing the spirit of the character as depicted in the JLU style. He also comes with a little Skeets, which sadly doesn’t plug in to him anywhere like the Skeets on the DCUC Booster, so there’s really no good way to display it.

As decent as the quality is on this figure, and as much as I love Booster Gold [even if you are trying my patience in the funny books lately. -FF], I couldn’t justify the $10 price point, but I only paid a couple of bucks for him so no worries. These aren’t my first JLU figures, as I do own a number of the six-pack figure sets, but needless to say poor quality control made this a pretty disappointing foray.

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