Iron Man 2: Weapons Assault Drone and Armor Assault Drone by Hasbro

Iron Man 2 continues to be the movie property toy line that simply refuses to die. While most movie-toy ventures evaporate over night or linger on in the clearance aisles, Tony Stark continues to hang tough. Even after this past couple of weeks where most retailers have completed the post-Christmas reset of their toy aisles, Iron Man 2 remains on the planograms. While I’m still as weary as ever of seeing pegs full of the same few Iron Man armor variants that I saw last year, some of the newer figures are finally filtering out and many of them are spectacular. Even better, the two figures we’re looking at today will finally give my army of Iron Man armors something to fight beyond just Crimson Dynamo and any of those Whiplash figures, I’ll probably never find.

Think back to the distant past when Iron Man 2 was out in the theaters or, better yet, dust off your Blu-Ray copy and you may recall that these Drones were the Hammer Industries armor suits modified by Vanko to fight Stark and Rhodey in the big climactic battle. I’ve been waiting to get these guys in figure form for a long time. The packaging is still the same and it still looks really great. I can’t remember the last time I liked a movie line’s packages as much as I do the Iron Man 2 carded figures. The only real difference here is an added sticker that points out there’s a $5 off coupon inside toward your next Iron Man 2 toys purchase. Beyond that the figures are nicely displayed inside the bubble and the back panel shows some pictures of other figures you may never see on pegs still clogged with earlier waves of figures.

The Air Assault Drone is the simpler of the two figures, so let’s start with him. The sculpt is simply fantastic and this line continues to push the envelope of sculpted details on the 3 3/4″ scale. There aren’t a lot of paint apps on this figure, as he’s pretty much just a two-tone grey and silver, which reproduces his military style finish pretty nicely. Besides, the sculpt is so good, it doesn’t need a lot of paint apps to make it stand out. The backpack is removable, although why you’d want to, I’m not really sure, but then options are never really a bad thing.

The Weapons Assault Drone has the same awesome detailing as his comrade with a green and silver paint deco. Some of the components of the two figures are very similar in overall configuration, but the sculpted details are different enough to make them both very distinctive. The WAD has a few more added bells and whistles, including two shielded armor plates that fold out from his forearms and two sawblade attachments for his arms that can be swapped out for longer ones, which essentially look like Whiplash’s whips without the electricity. This Drone also has a swappable head, with a different front piece, although I’m not really sure why Hasbro went through the trouble or didn’t include the same extra for the AAD, which seems a little wanting for extras by comparison.

Both figures have the same basic articulation, which is good, but have some really weird hip joints, which can swivel, but don’t want to seem to do anything else. The heads are ball jointed, the arms include rotating shoulders with some lateral movement, elbows with hinges and swivels and swivels in the wrists. The legs include double hinged knees and ankles with hinges and swivels. They also each have ball jointed torsos.

As is the standard with Iron Man 2 figures, both Drones also come with a figure stand and the three Armor Cards, which can be fitted into the slots on the stand for a cool looking display.

Even if you aren’t the biggest Iron Man fan, these figures are worth looking at. They are wonderfully executed and would fit in well with a lot of different 3 3/4″ figure lines. Unfortunately, I count myself lucky just finding this pair, but if these guys ever became common, I’d happily army build a squad of each. Even after all this time, Hasbro still impresses me with the Iron Man 2 figures and whenever I’ve convinced myself I’m done collecting them, I wind up stumbling across a few more and falling in love with this collection all over again.

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