DC Green Lantern Classics Wave 1: Kyle Rayner and Abin Sur

[I’m not going to do another DC Universe Classics week, at least not so close to the last one I did. And yet in addition to the first wave of Green Lantern Classics, I’ve also just picked up DCUC Wave 11, so I’ve got a lot of these figures to look at. So, I’ll be tackling them one or two at a time over the ourse of the next couple of weeks while tossing in enough other stuff in between to try to keep things interesting for those of you who don’t give a shit about the DC Universe. Fair nuff? -FF]

Blah, blah, same old DC Universe Classics packaging… only… hey, it’s not! There are definite similarities in the overall design of the packages, and nowhere does it actually say Green Lantern Classics, but the green card, the lack of a collector’s button, and the giant faction symbols on the bubble insert definitely set these figures apart from the regular flavor DCUC figures. And so does the fact that this assortment is called Wave 1. Apart from that, though, these are still essentially DCUC figures in every other way and will fit comfortably in with the rest of your DCUC shelves. Let’s rip them open and start out with Kyle Rayner.

If you’re familiar with the DCUC figures, there shouldn’t be a lot of surprises with the Kyle Rayner figure. He utilizes a pretty standard DCUCbody sculpt and relies mostly on the black and green paint apps to distinguish his Green Lantern costume. The paint apps on my figure are pretty crisp and clean with little to no bleeding or slop. The headsculpt is excellent and I really like the sculpted mask, which could have easily been a paint app cop-out.

Kyle comes with a giant gauntlet and sword construct that fits over his fist and he also comes with a green lantern. The ring construct is pretty cool looking, but I do have a real hard time getting it to socket right under fist, and I’m afraid to monkey with it too much for fear of popping off his wrist.

Next up is Abin Sur who appears in his resurrected Black Lantern form and is one seriously creepy looking figure. But you know what’s scarier than that? He’s packaged in an action pose!! Aaaarggh!!! Yeah, right out of the package my Abin Sur’s right leg was seriously messed up at the knee and ankle hinges. I’ve managed to do a little blow dryer action to bring it back, but it’s still not quite right.

In Brightest Day,  and Blackest Night,  God Damn You Mattel,  Make my figures’ legs alright!

It really is getting infuriating, but I’ve been through all this quite recently with my look at Zatanna, so I’m not going to go through it again. The body sculpt is a bit on the leaner side and the black and white paint apps make up his costume. As with Kyle, the paint apps on this figure have crisp lines and are pretty much without fault. Very nice. The head sculpt is absolutely amazing, with a nice glossy finish to accentuate the gore and vacant, pupil-less eyes. Like I said, he’s damn creepy looking.

Both figures come with a piece to build the Collect & Connect figure, Arkillo.

I’ve probably been more excited about this Green Lantern themed wave than any one since Wave 12. There’s nothing about Kyle and Abin Sur that we haven’t seen before, but they are wonderfully executed and look amazing. But then we’ll see that that’s the case with just about every figure in this wave. I may not be entirely sold on the Green Lantern movie yet, but if it keeps giving us figures like this, I’m all for it.

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