Marvel Universe: Luke Cage by Hasbro

Back in the day, I used to make a habit of reading comics that premiered right around the year I was born. It’s how I originally got so obsessesed with Jack Kirby’s New Gods and Mister Miracle, and it’s also how I was first introduced to Luke Cage from Hero For Hire. My interest in the character didn’t extend much beyond that book’s initial run, back when he looked like part of the Dolemite scene. In fact, with just one or two exceptions, I can’t really remember much of anything he’s been in that I’ve been reading or watching at all.

Cage comes on a standard Marvel Universe style card with the Hammer Industries logo. The card points out that this figure was a Fan’s Choice Runner Up, which really surprises me. Like I said, he hasn’t been a high profile character in what I’ve been reading, apart from Dark Reign, where I was pretty damn disappointed he didn’t take the helm of The New Avengers. Still, his appearance here definitely fits with the Osborne/Hammer theme of the recent MU releases. The bubble is pretty well packed as all of Luke’s accessories are mounted off of the figure. As always, this is a nice presentation with some good character artwork to personalize the card.  My figure’s card looks like it’s been kicked around quite a bit, but it doesn’t matter because I’m ripping this baby open.

Obviously, Luke is based on his contemporary look, which is vastly different from how I remember mostly him. I say “obviously” because I don’t think his 70’s look would fit in too well in the toy aisles and they probably couldn’t have fit his mammoth afro inside a standard-sized bubble. As a result, Luke Cage’s figure isn’t as iconic looking to me as it probably is to some collectors. Still, the sculpt is excellent and the paint and wash on his jeans is particularly well done. Both his skull cap and his bling chain are separate accessories, which I found both surprising and cool, as it offers up different display options. He also comes with a crunched steel girder, which he can wield like a club.

As with all the latest MU figures, Luke Cage comes with his file card, secret document and a figure stand.

Because of the disconnect in appearance between this Luke Cage and the character I knew, this figure wasn’t really high on my list. In fact, the only reason I bought him at all, was because I stumbled upon him in Walmart’s clearance aisle for five bucks. It’s worth noting that this is one of the very few times I’ve actually found a Marvel Universe figure at retail as the overwhelming bulk of my collection has come from online e-tailers. But overall I’m happy I grabbed him as he really is a wonderfully executed figure, and I’m glad to have him in my collection.

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