Doctor Who: Christmas Adventure Set by Character Options

It’s no secret that CO missed a few opportunities for figures based off of last year’s Series 5. Lord knows I’ve spent my fair share of time bitching about it in a few of my posts. One of those figures that I wanted pretty badly was based on Amy Pond as we first meet her as an adult. Whether you call her “Police Outfit” Amy or “Kiss-o-Gram” Amy, after a few wave revisions it seemed pretty unlikely that we were going to get her. Then, CO did that thing they do that sometimes irks a lot of collectors. They released her as part of a larger set, instead of on a single card. And thus was born the Christmas Adventure Set. The set includes a repaint of the 11th Doctor, Amy Pond, and a stripped down version of the 11th Doctor’s Flight Control TARDIS. It’s a set that could have been attributed to last year’s “The Eleventh Hour” but thanks to Amy wearing her Kiss-o-Gram outfit on the starliner in last month’s “A Christmas Carol” it becomes pertenant as a more current release as well.

If you’ve purchased any of the classic TARDIS sets, you’ll be pretty familiar with the packaging here. It’s a window box showing off the TARDIS and the two figures. It’s pretty collector friendly, although you’ll need a philips screwdriver to get the TARDIS off of the cardboard base. The back panel of the package advertises the Paradigm Dalek wave of figures, which hopefully will be landing on my doorstep any day now. The package includes a star-backdrop that can be removed and used to display the figures against.

I have very little to say about The Doctor figure as it’s the same 11th Doctor I already own with a variant paintjob. The vertical stripes have been taken off his shirt and his jacket has been made lighter with horizontal stripes added. I don’t really like the new style of the jacket, and it’s kind of hard to see the stripes on any of the stills I’ve seen from the episode. It’s still an excellent sculpt, but this Doctor won’t be replacing the one I got in the Time Crash set as my favorite. At least CO tossed in a Sonic Screwdriver and if by some odd chance you don’t have an 11th Doctor yet, then here ya go.

For me, it was the Amy figure that was the big draw of this set, and I’m not disappointed. It’s hard to capture the raw awesomeness of the real Karen Gillan in a sexy police outfit, but CO did a pretty good job. The head sculpt is a complete reuse of the previous single carded Amy and the Underhenge set Amy, which is by no means a bad thing, since it’s a pretty good likeness. The police outfit is nicely replicated right down to the checkered front, short skirt and low hanging belt. Her legs were left flesh toned, rather than giving them a tinted look to represent her stockings, although if you turn her around CO did paint the seams of the stockings running up her legs. All in all, I’m very happy with how she turned out.

Both figures feature the same articulation. The heads turn, their arms rotate at the shoulders, have swivel cuts in the biceps and forearms and hinged elbows. The legs rotate at the hips, have swivel cuts in the thighs and hinged knees. The Doctor’s hips have lateral movment for the legs, and while I expect Amy does also, her skirt prevents the joints from really working.

The TARDIS is probably the most controversial piece in the set as it’s pretty redunant if you already purchased the 11th Doctor’s Flight Control TARDIS. This is the exact same toy, which is really just a repaint of the original Flight Control TARDIS, only with all the electronics stripped out of it. That having been said, it certainly is a beautiful toy. The paint is awesome, very bright and clean, and I love the St. John Ambulance crest. The doors open and the inside features an illustrated insert depicting the Series 5 console room.

Considering the $45-50 price of this set, I think CO should have just kept the electronics in the TARDIS, but I guess they need to do anything they can to keep costs down. I can understand why collectors will be miffed to have to buy all this just to get their police outfit Amy. Is it worth it? Well, that’s for you to decide. It wasn’t too much of a bitter pill for me to swallow because I never did get around to picking up the 11th Doctor’s Flight Control TARDIS, and I’m content to just have it without the electronics. The only thing I really got stuck with hear was the extra Doctor figure, and I’ve come to accept that accumulating variant Doctors is inevitable. Honestly, I’m just really happy that CO made the Amy figure and that it didn’t turn up as some impossible to find convention or store exclusive.

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