Marvel Universe: Spider-Woman by Hasbro

It’s pretty rare for me to be anywhere near a current wave of Marvel Universe figures, as I’m often too busy scrambling to pick up the figures from three waves back to even take much notice of the new releases. And yet, I’ve had some luck these last few days and managed to grab a couple of the current wave at reasonable prices from merchants on this new Interweb thingie. One of those figures was Spider-Woman, so let’s take a looksy.

Spider-Woman comes on a standard Marvel Universe card… oh, but wait! The dark reign of Osborne has apparently come to an end because the Hammer logo has returned to that of SHIELD. Don’t take it so hard, Norm, you had a good run. Apart from the return of the SHIELD logo, there isn’t a whole lot that’s new about the packaging here. It’s functional, it looks good, and the character artwork is solid. Now let’s shred it to pieces so we can get to the figure.

Honestly, just about every figure in this wave looks amazing, so to say that Spider-Woman was one of the ones that to me really stood out, well that’s just saying something. Even with a reuse of the basic MU female body, Jessica’s a fantastic looking figure. The head sculpt is great, although the sculpted hair, as usual, inhibits the neck articulation. But what really shines on this figure is the amazingly crisp paint apps. Paint hasn’t always been consistant on this line, you can just take a look back at my Ms. Marvel figure to see that, but it seems like Hasbro has started to address the issue in this wave.

Based on the product images, I couldn’t figure out how Hasbro was implementing the web wings, so getting to see that they were flexible plastic held on to her arms by straps was a pretty cool revelation. It was the best way to go to have her maintain her arm articulation while giving her this signature look.

Spider-Woman comes with a figure stand, but no matter how hard I shook the package, I couldn’t get the file envelope to drop out. Yeah, starting with this wave the file cards and classified documents are gone. I’m sort of bummed out by this. It’s not like I really displayed them or anything, but considering that the MU figures don’t usually come with any accessories and frequently reuse parts, I wouldn’t think Hasbro would really need to cut costs so badly as to remove a little printed card and slip of paper. I love these figures, but I still need all the help I can get to justify how much I usually have to spend to get them.

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