Tron Legacy: Deluxe Sam Flynn by Spin Master

You’re going to see a lot of Tron Legacy toys covered here in the near future. I’ve been planning on collecting this line, and I’m starting to get a little skiddish about whether it’s going to be around long enough if I keep putting it off. The fact that Spin Master has done additional waves of figures and vehicles is encouraging, but I don’t want to turn around and find that I’ve missed the opportunity. I’ve got a bunch of the Deluxe figures coming in the mail next week, so I thought I’d start with the one that I do have on hand now: Sam Flynn.

Overall, I like the packaging for this line. Although, I’ll admit it is kind of bizarre with all the meaningless text on the back about warnings and care of the toy. I guess it has a lot to do with the electronics, but honestly, I’ve bought plenty of toys with electronics in the past and I didn’t feel like I was getting a 20-page legal brief printed on the package. Nonetheless, the card displays the Tron logo nicely and the bubble shows off the figure well. There’s a hole cut in the bubble so you can reach a finger in and hit the button under Sam’s left armpit and activate the lights and projection gimmick. That gimmick is a huge part of these figures, so the Try Me feature at least shows Spin Master’s confidence in its ability to sell the toys, and rightly so, I think.

All things considered, I think the sculpt here is well done. Granted, most of the characters in Tron Legacy are wearing fairly bland full body suits, so there isn’t a whole lot of sculpted detail to show off here. Nontheless, there’s some good texturing on the figure and the paint apps show off the light patterns on the extremities, whereas the two translucent strips on the torso are detailed with actual LEDs, but we’ll get to that in a minute. Sam is also a really sturdy figure, with the limbs being cast in heavy, hard rubbery plastic, giving the figure a fair amount of heft. Overall, I think this is a pretty nice looking display piece.

A lot of collectors have made hay over the limited articulation on these Deluxe figures, but I’m not going to be one of them. The most obvious missing points are in the neck and the torso, and we all know why they aren’t there, right? It’s because of the electronic gimmick. And let’s face it, most of the Tron Legacy character designs are basically just dudes in black bodysuits, so I’d much rather have the electronics and sacrifice a little articulation. What is here includes ball joints in the shoulders and hips, swivels in the biceps and wrists, hinges in elbows, and ball joints the knees and ankles. There’s still a good deal of poseability here.

So how’s about them electronics? Well, they consist of the two light up strips running up the figure’s torso and the image projected face. Press the button and the lights come on, Sam’s face flickers on, says something and then flickers off. What’s here works really well and the sound chip is loud and speaks clearly. There are six phrases total, which are:

  • My name is Sam Flynn
  • Some things are worth the risk
  • This is it, come on!
  • Where am I? Am I on the grid?
  • We gotta work together, it’s the only way!
  • I’m not a program!

I think my only complaint with the electronics is that the lights don’t stay on long at all, you have to keep pressing the button. I’m guessing this was done to conserve battery life, but I still would have liked an option like on the Lightcycle where the toy stayed lit a little longer. It’s also worth mentioning that the lights in the torso are about on par with the smaller figure. It looks nice, but I expected some enhancements for the larger, “deluxe” figure.

Sam comes with his Ident Disc, which unlike the 3 3/4″ figures can actually clip onto his back. He also comes with a Lightcycle baton that pegs onto his leg. I really think a figure stand would have been in order here. I mean, if you get a figure stand with the 3 3/4″ figures, doesn’t it seem like we should get one with the so-called “deluxe figures?” Ah, but no such luck.

Sam retails at $14.99, which I think is a pretty fair deal, considering right across the aisle (at TRU anyway), Mattel is hawking their Green Lantern Classics for $17.99. Granted, a lot more sculpting, paint apps, and articulation go into those Mattel figures, but then they don’t have LED’s, voice chips and batteries, so I don’t think there’s a lot of room to quibble on the price here. In the end, Spin Master tried something new and innovative with these figures and I think it worked and I’m anxious to take a look at how it played out on the other “deluxe” figures later on in the week.

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