Lego Kingdoms: Prison Carriage Rescue (#7949)

I had a few too many other commitments to lay out the scratch for the next Pharaoh’s Quest set on my list, (it is, afterall, the big $100 mama-jama) so I had to get my last Lego fix with something just a wee bit more affordable. I opted for picking up another one of the smaller Kingdoms sets. I’m slowly coming to terms with the fact that I should be buying the Kingdoms line whenever I find them, because they seem to be slowly disappearing and pretty soon they’re going to be a lot more expensive. [Which is why I went back and picked up the Prison Tower set this morning! -FF] So, let’s take a look at Prison Carriage Rescue!

Like I said, this is a fairly small set, weighing in at only 50 pieces. The bricks come in two unnumbered baggies, plus one really conspicuous horse, and you get an instruction booklet. Keep in mind that about 20 of the 50 pieces in this set make up the minifigs and their horse and gear, which doesn’t leave a lot for the rest of the build. That’s not a complaint, mind you, I’m just pointing out that this set is mainly about the minifigs. And, hey, minifigs are never a bad thing.

So, the minifigs consist of two of the good guys, one is the prisoner and the other the rescuer, and one bad guy. The prisoner doesn’t have any weapons, but he does have a double printed face, so you can use him as a regular knight without having him look like he’s about to shit himself in fear. The other Lion Knight and the Dragon Knight each come with a sword and shield. The horse comes with a helmet, which is supposed to have a horn no it, but my set was either missing the horn or I lost it. I’ll give Lego the benefit of the doubt and say I lost it, since it was so damn tiny. The horse can be hooked up to the wagon or you can take the bricks out of his back and have one of the knights ride him. If you have any of the bigger Kingdom sets, these figures will be great to beef up your garrisons. The rescue knight is a really fantastic figure, and I love his helm.

The prison wagon is pretty simple and quite easy to build. It has a hinged gate on the back that raises and lowers and it has clips on the sides to hold a lance and a torch, both of which are nice accessories. There’s not a heck of a lot more to say about it. It’s not terribly big, but you could squeeze a couple of figures in there. It probably wouldn’t be difficult to modify it into some kind of other wagon if you have the right extra bricks lying around.

This set was about ten bucks, which I think is a pretty solid deal. The build really wasn’t all that satisfying, but what you get out of it in the end is well worth it. Even if you don’t have a lot of use for the prison carriage, Kingdoms is a great set to army build for and this set certainly lets you do that. Speaking of which, tomorrow I’m going to be looking at the Prison Tower Rescue set, which this set really compliments very nicely.

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