Iron Man 2: “Fury of Combat” Boxed Set by Hasbro

The Iron Man 2 action figure line must have an Arc Reactor of its own keeping it alive. It’s not the first time I’ve pointed out that while other movie figure lines shoot their load and get whisked away to the clearance bins before the DVD release, Iron Man 2 keeps on chugging along and I keep buying the figures. Granted most of the single carded ones I pick up these days are impulse buys, but today’s boxed set of four figures is one that I actually hunted down. The set includes the Mark VI Iron Man armor, two Ground Assault Drones and Nick Fury himself.

The set comes in a long window box, somewhat similar to some of Hasbro’s Star Wars boxed sets. It’s set up so that Iron Man and the two Drones are in the main window and Nick Fury gets his own little window on the side as if he’s a bonus figure. The box has a similar deco to the single carded figures and has a really nice illustrated backdrop that you can use as a diorama to display the figures if you’re so inclined. You’ll also note by the sticker that this set is a Toys R Us exclusive. The box is pretty collector friendly, as the tray just slides right out, but the figures are positioned pretty awkwardly in the box with Iron Man looking like something akin to a ragdoll.

The Iron Man figure has plenty of good and bad going for it. I was actually surprised to realize that I didn’t own the Mark VI armor yet, so this was a decent pick up for me, although it will probably be replaced on my shelf with the carded version that has the power up glow whenever I get around to buying it. The sculpting is as excellent as ever, and while the quality of the paint is fantastic with a thick, rich glossy lacquer, I’m not a big fan of the added gold on the thighs. On the downside, he does have some issues with articulation, particularly in the oddball joints used for his hips, and his head wants to perpetually hunch down, which makes for some awkward poses unless you have him looking off to the side. I doubt I would have been entirely happy with him as a single carded release, but he’s ok for box set fodder.

The Ground Assault Drones are practically worth the price of admission alone, so long as you don’t mind getting two of them. Seeing as how tough it’s been to find the other Hammeroids carded, it’s cool to get a pair of this variety. The sculpts are really off the charts for the 3 3/4″ scale and these guys are armed up the wazoo. They have built in grenade launchers with drum magazines on their right arms, belt fed machine guns on their left arms and the giant cannon that mounts onto their back and makes them look like walking Abrams tanks. They also have the drop down stabalizer plates on their feet to keep them from getting blown back on their asses when they fire those things. The paint is a realistic looking grundgy flat military tan and these guys have some excellent little painted details, including the tiny American flags on their chests.

And then there’s Nick Fury, which for a lot of people, myself included, is the real draw of this set, and I have to say Hasbro did a marvelous job with him. The body sculpt is very GI Joe-ish, but it still fits the character and the added softgoods trenchcoat really ties the whole figure together. The headsculpt is really one of the best I’ve seen in a while in this scale. He comes with a little grey automatic pistol, which sadly does not fit into a holster anywhere.

My only gripe with this set is that it doesn’t come with stands and armor cards. I don’t care so much about Iron Man missing them, since I will undoubtedly get one when I buy the power up glow carded version to display in my collection. And obviously Nick Fury didn’t need one, but I’m bummed that I can’t display these Drones with a stand and armor cards along side my other two Hammeroids. I’m not saying I really expected them to be included, especially considering the cost of the set, but not having them still messes up the feng shui of my Iron Man 2 display. Dig it?

This set was $24.99 on TRU’s website, which isn’t much more than the cost of three carded Iron Man 2 figures, so it really is like you’re getting Nick Fury as a bonus. Either way it’s a good price, even though chances are many collectors won’t be terribly excited and/or happy about the Iron Man figure that’s included. Whether it’s better than Target’s similar exclusive boxed sets, I can’t really say, since I’ve only glanced at those on the shelf a few times.

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