Lego Kingdoms: Prison Tower Rescue (#7947)

So, like I said last time, I’m on a crusade to pick up whatever remaining Lego Kingdoms sets I can find in the stores so as not to get stuck paying extra for them online when they’ve disappeared from the shelves. That led me to pick up this incredibly awesome Prison Tower Rescue set yesterday morning at my local Wally World. This is the first playset-style Lego set I own, so I was pretty excited to get started on the build.

The set comes in a decent sized box with four numbered baggies of bricks and two instruction sheets. At 365 pieces, it’s a decent sized set and certainly one of the largest I own. In addition to the tower itself, the set includes no less than five minifigs, a horse, extra shields and torches that clip on around the tower, a treasure chest with jewels and a rat, and even gargoyles. It was a truly satisfying build, not only because it took me several hours, but because there was very little redundant building steps like in some of the Space Police ships or the last couple of Pharaoh’s Quest sets. I really had a great time getting this set together.

The minifigs are pretty awesome. You get two Lion Knights and their horse, a Princess to rescue, and two Dragon Knights to defend the Tower. The Knights are all what you’ve probably come to expect from the Kingdoms sets, but I really dig army building the Kingdoms minfigs, so you’ll get no complaints from me. You get one set of swords and shields for each side, as well as a spear and a crossbow. The Princess has a double printed face, and one of the Lion Knights comes with an armor piece that slips on over his torso, which is cool because it’s the first time I’ve seen that. The horse has a helmet with the horn that I was missing from the Prison Carriage Rescue set and an armor piece that fits over him.

As a playset, the Prison Tower has all sorts of cool play features. It’s designed like the great 80’s playsets of old, with no back so you can get inside and have access to the rooms. There’s a boiling cauldron of fire at the very top that can be spilled out over the side. The transulcent orange bricks that make up the fire are well done. There’s a catapult mounted on the side of the lower platform to launch bricks at those attacking goody-goodies. The porticullis raises and lowers via a working windless on that same platform, which works beautifully I might add. The top floor of the tower features a fold down gate so you can lock the Princess in there. There’s also three different flights of stairs and a little room on the bottom to keep the treasure chest in. There’s also a barrel that holds a couple of extra polearms.

Besides being a fun build, my favorite thing about this set is that it can incorporate all of the Kingdoms sets I have so far. The Prison Carriage Rescue set we looked at yesterday was practically made to compliment this Tower, the Knights Showdown set can be used by the Lion Knights to assist in the siege and I like to put my Wizard minifig set in the Tower too. Yeah, at $50 it’s a might pricey, but as much as I liked the equivalently priced Pharaoh’s Quest set, this one has a lot more play and display value to me, so I’m not all that put off by the price. Needless to say, I highly recommend this one, and it’s really whetted my appetite to hunt down either the bigger Castle in the series or some of the Prince of Persia playsets before they disappear too.

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