Marvel Universe: Ghost Rider by Hasbro

It’s an amazing thing, but even that shitty movie with Nicholas Cage couldn’t manage to kill my fondness for Ghost Rider. Granted, I haven’t been as big a fan as I once was, but I still love the character and was really excited to be getting him in the Marvel Universe 3 3/4″ scale. And while I think this figure should have warranted some kind of boxed set that included his bike, I’ll take what I can get for now and hope for an exclusive or something later on down the line.

Standard Marvel Universe packaging. The character art is mighty fine and the bubble shows off the figure really nicely. Ghost Rider’s package is still part of the Dark Reign of Norman Osborne, so you get the HAMMER motif instead of SHIELD. Not much else to say here.

Let’s start with the head sculpt, because it is fan-friggin-tastic. Granted, Hasbro had a lot to work with here, what with it being a flaming skull and all, but this could have just as easily been a trainwreck. The skull itself is immaculately sculpted and the translucent orange flame makes for a cool effect. The slight orange tint to the skull helps carry the flaming effect along. His body sculpt isn’t terribly spectacular, but it certainly gets the job done and at least it relies as much on sculpt as it does paintwork. I like the high collar and the the black paint wash over the dark blue works well. I tend to think some sculpted chains on the figure itself, or possibly some sculpted in softer plastic to wrap around him would have gone a long way to make him even better, but that might be something reserved for a larger scale figure. Either way, there’s no question, Hasbro nailed the likeness here.

Marvel Universe’s articulation continues to impress me, at least for the male characters. Ghost Rider features ball joints in the neck, shoulders and hips. He’s got swivels in the biceps, wrists and thighs and hinged elbows and double hinged knees. He swivels at the hip and has universal movemen tin his upper torso. If there are more points of articulation to be found in a 3 3/4″ figure, I can’t imagine what they might be.

Ghost Rider comes with his little cache of secret documents including his file card. He also comes with a personalized figure stand and his chain/whip, which is partially made of the same translucent orange plastic that makes up his skull flames.

Hasbro produced a pretty distinctive and excellent looking figure here with Ghost Rider, but then again he’s not just another costumed super hero. He’s definitely among my favorite figures in the line so far, and that’s saying quite a bit. Owning him has motivated me to dig out some of my back issues and trades and give some of them a re-read. If nothing else it might help me in my quest to try to forget the Ghost Rider movie ever existed.

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