Vintage Vault: Sectaurs Mantor and Raplor by Coleco

It’s time to take another look at that amazing and somewhat lost line of figures by Coleco: The Sectaurs. Last time we looked at Zak and Bitaur, this time it’s another one of the good guys: Mantor and Raplor. Mantor was something of an Obi-Wan type character for the line. He played the part of wise advisor, martial arts expert and the keeper of the secret order, Keepers of the Way. Honestly, I don’t remember much about any of that from the cartoon or comic and it’s not really reflected in his weapons, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

When compared to Zak, it’s easy to see that Coleco reused parts to keep the cost of the line down. It’s just another interesting comparison between this line and Mattel’s Masters of the Universe. Mantor’s legs and arms are the same as Zak’s only repainted. The white on my Mantor’s biceps and thighs is showing a slight hint of yellowing, but considering the age of the figure, it’s not bad at all. At first glance, it might seem like the torso is a reuse as well, since they are extremely similar, but on closer inspection the sculpted muscle lines are completely different. Mantor has that really distinctive looking head sculpt that is unmistakeable for this line. It’s fairly smaller than Zak’s and not as squishy and rubbery.

Mantor originally came with his removable belt and harness, a crossbow and pistol and the same shield as Zak. Unfortunately, mine only has the shield. Since my Zak has two weapons, I let Mantor borrow his pistol, but one day I’m going to have to hunt down his crossbow. The belt and harness is made of soft rubber and features a clip on the back to hold the crossbow and a sculpted quiver with bolts hanging off his belt.

Mantor’s articulation includes three-sixty rotation in the head, ball joints in the shoulders and hips and hinges in the knees.

Raplor is Mantor’s Insectoid companion. He’s got a cool sculpt and paint job and mine has held up really well over the years. His action feature is a grappling hook on a string that you can pull out and retract by winding it around the removable spindle on his back. When I got mine out of storage it took me about an hour to get the string all unknotted and detangled. Raplor’s natural enemy is the cat, as my cat attacks repeatedly attacks his grappling hook and string at every chance he gets.

And that’s all I’ve got to say about this pair. As with Zak and Bitaur, I think these figures hold up really well and depending on how nit-picky you want to get with being complete, you can pick up Mantor without losing much money. Next time we look at the Sectaur’s we’ll tackle one of the real draws of the line, the big beast riders.

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