5 Things My Wallet Loved About Toy Fair This Year

The inevitable follow up to yesterday’s entry. Tomorrow we’ll start looking at some toys again.

5. Mattel’s Young Justice Figures.
I really dig this cartoon, and I was worried that I was going to have to jump on board when I saw the figures revealed, but now that I have, I know I don’t need them. Should Mattel ever decide to release a wave of these in the DCUC line, I’d be fine with that, but otherwise these are an easy pass.

4. Ghostbusters.
While there’s a slight chance I may pick up the 12″ Winston with the Slime Thrower, and possibly one more 6″ figure, my previous belief that I’m more or less done with this line has been justified, not to mention I’m relieved I didn’t go ahead and subscribe to it. If Mattel was serious about keeping this line alive, they need to pony up with the ghosts or Vigo or anything but more variants of the same four characters. I know, they did Walter Peck and Luis Tulley, great. I don’t depart this line bitter, I have my set of 6″ figures and the original three Ghostbusters in 12″ and I’m fine with that.

3. Marvel Universe.
I’ve bought a lot of these figures over the last month or so, but I think I’m going to start slowing down and doing a lot more cherry picking. There were some good figures shown off at Toy Fair, but only a few of them are what I would consider must owns and The Sentinal looked kind of disappointing. There’s no doubt that the MU line will still got it’s fair share of my monies, but maybe not as much as I originally thought. Afterall, that Thundercat fund has to come from somewhere, right?

2. Masterpiece Rodimus Prime.
To be fair, I already decided against buying this figure before seeing the shots from Toy Fair. The figure looks nice in photos, but too many early reports say it’s as fragile as all hell and not at all impressive in person. Throw in the fact that I’ve never been a big fan of Hot Rod or Rodimus Prime, and that makes this an easy way to save about a hundred bucks.

1. GI Joe.
There’s no doubt Hasbro went for quality over quantity last year with the GI Joe license and it looks like this year will be more of the same. With the exception of the Sky Striker, there’s nothing on the table that I’m even remotely interested in buying. Last year, I decided I wouldn’t be buying any new versions of characters already done in the 25th Anniversary line, and while I still plan on picking up the Pursuit of Cobra HISS and VAMP, and the aforementinoed Sky Striker, it’s safe to say that I can free up any monies that I had earmarked for GI Joe to be spent elsewhere in 2012.

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