DC Universe Classics Wave 11: John Stewart, Katma Tui and Kilowog by Mattel

I’ve had Wave 11 of DCUC kicking around for a couple of months now and I’ve been meaning to get back to it. I completely missed this wave when it was in the stores and the assortment tends to go for ridiculous sums online so it’s been a long journey of watching and waiting before I was finally able to snag a set on Ebay for what turned out to be lower than what I paid for other waves. The assortment of figures is pretty solid, and while I usually like to save the best for last, I’m going to jump right in today and look at three of the main reasons I wanted the wave so badly.

Despite being released many waves ago, the packaging hasn’t changed all that much. The brand new cards are a little bigger and the shape of the bubble has changed, but the spirit of the card art is still there. The only thing that really catches my eye about these older cards is the lack of the pointless collector button peeping through the bottom of the card, as we’ve been getting these for a little while now. Both John Stewart and Katma Tui are packaged in slight action poses, but it doesn’t seem to have done their leg joints any harm.

Both John and Katma utilize pretty generic DCUC male and female body sculpts and rely mostly on paint apps for detail. Their uniforms are painted really well and there’s virtually no slop or bleeding on either of my figures. The head sculpts are excellent. John Stewart’s is based on his visage before he went all bald-and- goateed, which I like, and it leaves the option open for another version down the road. Katma has a pretty face and her short hair is sculpted well and doesn’t interfere with her neck articulation.

You get standard DCUC articulation on both figures, which includes ball joints in the neck and shoulders, universal movement in the hips, swivels in the biceps, thighs and wrists, and hinges in the elbows, knees, and ankles. They each swivel at the waist and feature the ab crunch hinge in the torsos.

John and Katma come with two ring constructs each. John Stewart comes with a gun and a punching fist and Katma comes with a sword and shield. All of them slip on over the figure’s fists and work pretty well and the gun has an added arm clip to help hold it in place. I really like Stewart’s gun the most, but they’re all pretty good.

And then there’s Kilowog, who stands just behind Darkseid as my favorite Collect & Connect figure to date. There were many times when I was tempted to buy him alone, but he’s so ridiculously expensive that it seemed a better value to just wait and build him by getting all the figures in the Wave. Now that I finally have him, all I can say is he’s huge and absolutely glorious in person. Most of the sculpted detail in the body goes into his muscles and like John and Katma, he relies on paint apps for the details of his uniform, although the sculpting on his power ring is really exceptionally well done. The head sculpt is also amazing, capturing not only a lot of detail, but a priceless expression that gives the figure tons of character.

As is usually the case with the C&C figures, Kilowog features a few less points of articulation than the smaller figures. What’s missing? Only the swivels cuts in his thighs, apart from that you still get a very poseable figure.

I will eventually get to looking at the rest of the figures in Wave 11, but these three were the main draw of this Wave for me, although I should add The Question to that group as well. I already mentioned that this assortment of figures tends to go pretty high on the secondary market, and with the Green Lantern movie looming, I doubt that’s going to change anytime soon. You can always pick up John Stewart and Katma Tui in the Walmart Exclusive 5-pack that’s on the shelves right now, but then you’ll still have to hunt down Kilowog, and finding him alone can be a tough and pricey prospect.

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