Tron Legacy: 3 3/4″ Quorra and Jarvis by Spin Master

Given the chance, I wouldn’t have bet money on Spin Master’s Tron: Legacy figures surviving to see a second series. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been pretty pleased with the toys so far, but I’m not convinced Tron: Legacy turned out to be as a big a blockbuster as some of Disney’s other toy-pushing licenses out these days. Plus, the line has had its share of spotty QC issues that have led to some unfavorable word of mouth among collectors. Nonetheless, Series 2 happened and is filtering on to the pegs. It consists of some new 3 3/4″ figures and some new vehicles. Today we’re going to look at two of the new figures: Quorra and Jarvis.


The packaging is the same as we’ve been seeing all along, except for the “Series 2” up in the corner and the back panel of the card, which shows off some of the new figures. The vertical neon Tron logo still dominates the left side of the card and the bubble shows off the figures nicely, while including an illustrated insert to customize the packaging to the particular character. Both figures have the Try Me hole so you can see their light gimmick without removing them from the packaging.


Let’s start with Quorra. A bunch of entries back I prayed for a Series 2 so I could finally get an Olivia Wilde action figure. This ain’t quite what I had in mind. I’m not sure if it’s a way to get around paying royalties for using Ms Wilde’s likeness, but the figure features her with her helmet on as she appeared in her first five minutes or so of the film. Maybe kids will think this is cooler to play with, but I would have at least liked a swappable head. Then again, based on  Spin Master’s lack of success with Sam Flynn’s head sculpt, we may be better off this way.

Nonetheless, it’s definitely Quorra. Her shoulders are bare like in the movie and she has a little skirt. Her feet are sculpted kind of strange to look like heels, but the way they curve at the heels, they don’t look very natural. Another issue is that they had to thicken her up a bit to cram those electronics into her. She looks fine from the front, but rather beefy when viewed in profile. My one big gripe with the figure is the way the skirt inhibits her leg movement. I don’t have the Light Runner yet, but when I do get it, I’m betting she won’t be able to sit in it all that well. I can’t deny Quorra is a disappointment, but just because I expected better, doesn’t make this a terrible figure.



Next up is Jarvis. He’s the creepy Michael Berryman-looking guy who served as Clu’s toady. He got a lot of screentime and had a fair share of dialogue, so he definitely deserves a figure more than 60 percent of the characters they make Star Wars figures out of. There’s not a lot to say about his sculpt. His head is pretty good, and I think the face shield is done much better on this figure than it was done on Sam Flynn. He has a bit of a skirt, which unfortunately gets in the way of his leg articulation. I do wish Spin Master used a brighter, more vibrant paint for the lighting. It just looks dull.



The light up effects are pretty good for figures in this scale. Quorra’s is very similar to the 3 3/4″ Sam Flynn figure I looked at quite a while back. Jarvis’ light is a little more underwhelming.

Both figures feature decent enough articulation. They have ball joints in their necks, shoulders, elbows, hips, knees and ankles, and swivels in the wrists.

Accessories? Both figures come with the very cool Ident Disc style figure stand that we saw with Sam Flynn. They also both come with little Ident Discs. Quorra comes with a Light Katana and Jarvis comes with a Data Pad. A sticker would have been helpful to make the Data Pad look like something other than what it is: Just a little slab of black plastic.

What’s the verdict? Not bad. I’ve tempered my expectations a bit on these 3 3/4″ figures. They are perfectly passable, but with Hasbro doing some truly stellar sculpts in this scale these days, the competition is just getting steeper for smaller companies like Spin Master. Still, they look ok, the light effects are still cool, poseability is fine, and they definitely capture the spirit of the property. I still think the Deluxe sized figures are better executed and better values, but I doubt either of these characters will be released in the Deluxe size.

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