Doctor Who: The Face of Boe by Character Options

I’ve still got a buttload of new Tron and Lego stuff to look at, but in the interest of mixing things up for those of you who don’t care about either, I’m going to take the weekend off from Tron and Legos and feature something different for a change. Today, I thought I’d dive into my Doctor Who shelves and come up with an older figure that I haven’t looked at here yet. There are actually a lot of great figures on my Who shelves that I need to revisit for Figurefan, but let’s start today with one of my favorite of the deluxe style figures: The Face of Boe.


The package is long gone, and honestly I don’t even remember what it looked like, apart from featuring the orange swirly background and the 2005 series logo. The cool thing about Boe is he started out with what seemed like just a cameo of a big odd looking alien, and slowly he grew into this recurring mysterious character until ultimately it was intimated that Boe is none other than the impossibly old incarnation of the immortal Jack Harkness himself. It always seemed to me like Russell T. Davies left just enough wiggle room there to backpeddle on it if he had to, but honestly, if evolving into a big head in a tank is the cost of immortality, I think I’ll pass thank you.


Obviously, Boe isn’t so much a figure as he is… well, I don’t know what you’d call it other than just a toy. He’s a giant head in a tank and I think Character Options did a pretty impressive job recreating this extremely unconventional alien in toy form. The head inside the tank is a very remarkable sculpt and certainly captures the look on the screen, right down to all his tendrils. He even has a little action feature that opens and closes his mouth when you work the switch on the back of the tank. Obviously, the smokey atmosphere in Boe’s tank isn’t replicated here, although CO added some green ooze paint apps inside, which I’m not all that crazy about. They just look cheesy and not really accurate to what was seen in the show.


One thing I really like about this toy is the detailed sculpt of the life support and locomotive elements of Boe’s tank. I don’t recall ever seeing the sides of the tank in the show, but here we get to see what it looked like up close and personal. There are all sorts of tubes and tanks and controls and the entire thing rolls along on two simulated molded treads. In reality, the toy rolls along on two wheels and a ball bearing, all concealed under the toy.


If you collect CO’s Doctor Who figures and you don’t already have The Face of Boe in your collection, I really recommend hunting him down. He’s not as easy to find these days as he once was, but he’s worth the effort. Not only is he a great looking toy, but he certainly turned out to be a pretty influencial character for both the 9th and 10th Doctor. And who knows? We may even see him again one day.

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