Marvel Universe: Black Widow by Hasbro

[Well, I can’t say I didn’t warn you. I got the first of three drinking binges trips I need to take in May out of the way and while I had every hopes to get back and do at least one update, it just didn’t happen. I also had planned to do a bit of toy hunting on my excursion and that didn’t happen either. Although, while dropping into a Walmart on the way back home I found that while the pickings weren’t great, they were at least much better than the dismal findings at the Walmarts in my hometown. Thus, I was able to pick up three Marvel Universe figures. Today, I’m going to get back into the swing of things slowly with a quick look at a figure that has been out for a while, but very tough for me to find… Black Widow. -FF]

Ah, the Marvel Universe packaging. I can’t tell you how good it is to see it hanging on the peg and not be an Iron Man or Hobgoblin. When I saw the gorgeous artwork of Black Widow gazing luridly out of the card I was a pretty happy camper. I only saw this figure once before on the pegs and at the time I passed her up for some new Transformers. When I went back, she was gone and I was pissed. Despite the fact that I’ve looked at this character in figure form before [Marvel Famous Covers series by Toy Biz. -FF] I have never been a huge fan of the character, at least not until she turned up in Avengers: Earth Mightiest Heroes. She was no slouch in Iron Man 2 either, but my point is, I haven’t made a point to follower her in the funny books. Getting back to the packaging, she comes on a standard MU card, issued as part of the Dark Reign series with the HAMMER logo instead of the SHIELD. She comes packaged with a personalized figure stand, her Top Secret file, and an assault rifle.

In a line of brightly colored and outlandishly costumed heroes, Black Widow stands out precisely because she’s rather plain. It suits the character and Hasbro did an admirable job of reproducing her in 3 3/4″ form, but she isn’t all that exciting to look at. Her blackish-blue body suit is simple and true to form and adorned only with her two wrist bracers and her belt. If I recall, these accoutrement are usually portrayed as yellow in the artwork, but here Hasbro chose to go with a silver. It definitely makes for more modern and realistic look, but that’s not necessarily what I’m looking for in my MU figures. So, yeah, I would have preferred them yellow.

The head sculpt is simple enough. Hasbro often has problems producing attractive female faces in this scale, but they did an ok job with Widow. At first, I thought it might be too generic, but when I went back and compared her to some of the original artwork, I was suitably impressed.

Black Widow’s articulation is standard for the MU female body. She has balljoints in her neck and shoulders, hinges in her elbows and ankles, double hinges in her knees, swivels at the waist, and universal movement in her hips. I really do miss having swivel cuts in the thighs and biceps, but all in all, she has a nice wide range of poseability.

I’m glad I finally found Black Widow on the pegs. I wanted her in my collection, but she isn’t a striking enough figure for me to want to pay a premium for her online. For a while there she was going for quite a bit over her MSRP through online retailers, but I suspect this is one of those shortpacked figures that Hasbro decided to reissue, because a couple of my friends have recently reported finding her and offered to pick her up for me. She’s a solid representation of the character and another excellent addition my MU lineup.

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