Marvel Universe: Apocalypse by Hasbro

So, it’s pretty rare that I’m actually able to pick up a Marvel Universe figure from the current wave, but as mentioned last time a little out of town shopping netted me this Series 9 figure, Apocalypse. This is definitely one of the MU releases I was looking most forward to and I was really thrilled when he turned up on the radar. And unlike some of my more obscure favorites in the MU lineup, I’m certainly not alone in my anticipation of this figure. Apocalypse routinely ranks pretty high in the annals of Marvel villains and I have to imagine that he’s going to be one popular and welcomed release, especially among those of you heavy into the X-Men figures.

Standard Marvel Universe packaging, with some very nice character art of the Big Bad himself. As this is a current release, the Dark Reign of Osborne has ended and we’re back to the SHIELD emblem adorning the front of the bubble. And a mighty big bubble it is, which the figure fills out quite nicely. Apocalypse comes with a custom stand, but in case you missed the memo, Hasbro has dumped the Top Secret documents that were included in past waves of the MU figures. Normally, I’d rather have the figure stand, but in this case, Apocalypse just doesn’t need it. He’s huge and stands just fine on his own.

Considering the gravitas of this character, one would presume that Hasbro would put a lot of effort into the figure, and you’d be right. Wow. Critics of the MU series may point out that so many of the figures are just a standard body with a new head and some paint apps to make a costume, but you sure can’t say that about Apocalypse here. He’s huge and beautifully sculpted and fits the character design perfectly. Check out the detail in his giant boots, gauntlets, the musculature of his body, or the amazing head sculpt and you can easily see this figure was crafted with lots of love. Even the treads on his soles of his boots are detailed. The huge shoulder pads are sculpted in softer plastic and hang over the shoulder joints so as not to inhibit his arm articulation and the hoses leading from his gauntlets and on his back are also soft plastic and move fluidly with the figure to allow for prime poseability.

I’m particularly happy with the coloring on this figure as well. The blue on his armor has a satisfying metallic sheen to it and the grey of his skin is washed to bring out the detail in his sculpted muscles. The paint apps on the head are crisp and clean and the whole figure is free of any slop or bleeding. Compare this guy to some of the earlier MU figures and it’s hard to tell their from the same series.

Apocalypse includes all the articulation we’ve come to expect from the male figures of the line. His head rotates, his shoulders are ball jointed, he has hinged elbows and swivels in his biceps and wrists. His legs feature universal movement at the hips, hinged knees and ankles, and swivel cuts in the thighs. He also rotates at the waist. The only thing missing is the ab crunch that is present in most of the smaller proportioned figures.

Yep, Marvel Universe continues to be a damned frustrating line to collect and Apocalypse here is a perfect example of why. I try to convince myself that these figures aren’t worth the bother to hunt down. I try to convince myself that at $8 at retail, and often a lot more online, they aren’t worth the price either. And yet whenever I do happen to stumble upon a new figure in the line, I buy it and fall in love with the Marvel Universefigures all over again. I had high expectations for Apocalypse and Hasbro managed to satisfy. He’s worth the hunt and definitely worth the money.

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