Marvel Universe: Bullseye by Hasbro

The final installment of this Marvel Universe trifecta goes to one of my favorite Marvel baddies, Bullseye. Whether he’s standing in as Osborne’s new Hawkeye or sparring with Deadpool over a mark, I know I’m always in for a treat when he turns up in the pages of my favorite funny books. Bullseye was one of those MU figures that was notoriously hard to find for a while and was in surprisingly high demand online. There were a few times that I was almost ready to pull the trigger on him through Ebay at some pretty ridiculous prices before coming to my senses and deciding to wait. Well, waiting paid off as Hasbro has been doing right by fans and trying to get some of these figures out in greater supply. And sure enough I found him hanging out on the pegs.

The standard Marvel Universe package with some underwhelming character art. Bullseye has a lot of personality in his face, and it’s not really conveyed here. It’s not bad, but I wouldn’t be wholly satisfied with it if I was inclined to keep the figure Mint On Card. Bullseye comes carded with dagger in one hand and an assault rifle mounted over his left shoulder. This is an earlier release that predates the HAMMER waves, which means he doesn’t come with a figure stand. He does, however, include the Top Secret documents that are no longer included in the current releases.

Bullseye is one of those MU figures that gets by with a simple, generic body sculpt and paint apps to make up his costume. His personality is all in the head sculpt and unlike the character art on the package, I think Hasbro did a fantastic job here. He looks wonderfully maniacal. On the downside, there’s some odd yellowish paint slop all over his chin. Where’d that come from? Luckily, the white paintwork on the body is nice and crisp, as is the trademark bullseye on his forehead. The one questionable thing about Bullseye’s sculpt is the playing cards sculpted into his left hand. I’ve waffled back and forth on whether or not I like it. In the end, I’m pretty cool with it, as he looks awesome posed with his hand up.

You get two accessories with Bullseye. There’s a pretty generic, yet nonetheless welcome assault rifle and a tiny little dagger. I promptly lost the dagger shortly after opening it, which is not a problem since he could not hold it in his hand without using one of those tiny clear rubber bands to tie it in there. I would have much rather had a pistol than this useless dagger, but thankfully, I can rob an arsenal from my GI JOEs for him.

And that’s Bullseye, folks. This is one of those figures that I’m more excited about having in my collection than reason would dictate. But between how much I love his appearances in the comics, and how expensive he was online for a while there, I truly thought I wasn’t ever going to be getting him. Despite a few minor blemishes, he turned out great.

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