Transformers Dark of the Moon: Cyberverse Ratchet and Crowbar

The last time I looked at the Cyberverse figures, I was a little befuddled about the differences in size and complexity. Now that the local retailers have put out more product I can see that there are two assortments of figures: The Commanders and Legions. With the Legions figures finally available around these parts, I picked up two of them to look at today. One familiar and one brand new.

The packaging on these guys is like a scaled down version of the Commander figures’ packages. You still get that half tube that displays the figure very nicely in his robot mode and mounted on a DotM cardback. It’s simple but attractive and let me say yet again how much more I like this package deco than the ones used on the previous two films. The large insignia on the lower right side clearly shows off whether the figure is a Decepticon or Autobot. They’re packaged as robots, but let’s start off with their vehicle modes.

Ratchet is a nice tiny approximation of his larger versions. In fact, the only thing that really bugs me about his ambulance mode are the large hinges on the front of the doors. Ok, I hate the radioactive green color too, but that’s more a style issue than anything else. And I’ll venture to say I like it better than the puke green used on previous versions. He still has the roof rack with the spare tire and there’s a remarkable amount of sculpted detail in the front bumper for such a little guy.

Transforming Ratchet is really easy and the resulting bot is once again quite faithful to his larger versions, albeit with the wheels and bumper that make up his chest not turned upside down. The head sculpt is excellent for its size and with ball jointed hips and rotating shoulders and balljoints in his elbows, he has a decent amount of articulation, albeit not as good as the Commander figures. I’m not blown away by Ratchet, but he’s a solid toy for his size and fun to fiddle about with.

Crowbar gets instant props for being a Decepticon car. The package actually calls him a police car but there’s no evidence of that on the toy itself. He doesn’t have any police markings or lightbars. I guess he could be an undercover cruiser. Whatever the case, the car is all black with just a few gray bits. I would have preferred the Decepticon logo on the hood, rather than reversed and offset on the roof, but that’s ok. Crowbar’s car mode does have a fair amount of seaming on it, but all in all it looks ok and holds together very well.

Transforming Crowbar is a little tough to get started because everything locks together so well. Most of the time, I just wind up pulling the ball joints out and reassembling him, but if you’re more careful and precise that isn’t necessary. His convesion is a lot more clever and impressive than Ratchet’s and the result is a very cool looking figure. His feet and legs are particularly well done, despite being mistransformed in the package. The sculpted detail on his head and torso are paritcularly well done and there’s a lot more interesting coloring going on in robot mode too.

The Legion figures retail at just under five bucks, which isn’t what I would call cheap for such small toys, but I’m not going to complain too much either. These guys are very well designed and beautifully sculpted. They also have a lot more play value than one might expect to find in such small figures. Crowbar is definitely my favorite of the pair, but Ratchet is no slouch either.

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