Transformers Dark of the Moon: Cyberverse Optimus Prime by Hasbro

There sure are a lot of new Transformers in the toy aisles right now, and yet I seem to be addicted to buying nothing but these Cyberverse figures. It’s pretty strange since I all but ignored the Legends Class in the past. I guess I just really dig being able to take home a couple new Transformers from my weekly grocery run to Walmart without breaking the bank. This time around I picked up the Autobots’ Big Bot himself, Optimus Prime. Let’s check him out…

Optimus Prime is a Commander figure, so he’s from the slightly larger and more complex assortment in the line. We’ve already seen this packaging before when we looked at Ironhide. I still like it a lot, although the bio blurb on the back is kind of disappointing. The figure comes mounted in his robot mode and thanks to the half cylinder style of bubble, you can easily get the figure out and back in if you want. It’s a pretty cool way to deliver a collector friendly package on a cheap cardback. I should point out here that this figure is also available in a Limited Edition and packaged with a set of 3D Glasses.

As usual, I’m going to start out in vehicle mode. This version of Prime is just the cab, although you can get what is basically the same figure with the trailer in the larger assortment set. The cab is a pretty good miniaturized version of the Prime’s truck mode as seen in the live action movies. The proportions suffer a little bit, with the hood of the cab a bit longer than it should be, but the rest looks fine. The cab holds its form nicely, but the robot kibble hanging off the undercarriage scrapes on the ground preventing the toy from rolling as well as it should. There’s a weapon pod that fits on to the back of the cab, which is made up from the parts that will form Prime’s jetpack and guns in his robot mode. It looks surprisingly good.

And then there’s the robot mode. If you’re looking for a mini version of the Prime from the Michael Bay movies, than I don’t think this is going to satisfy you. On the other hand, it’s still a really cool take on Prime. It actually looks more like the old Power Master Prime to me, although there’s a little Energon Prime in there as well, particularly in the way he wears some of his wheels as a backpack. The sculpt is really well done and the coloring is great. He has a removable jetpack, which looks great on him, but definitely makes him back heavy. Prime could have been greatly improved by a pair of heel spurs to keep him up. Still, his occasional tendency to topple over doesn’t ruin the toy. His two guns socket right into his hands. Articulation is very good for such a tiny figure. Prime has ball joints in his shoulders and hips and hinged elbows and knees.

As a Commander figure, Prime retails at just under eight bucks. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the price point on these guys. Yeah, it seems a little steep, but like Ironhide, this really is a well designed and nicely crafted little toy. It feels like too much to pay when it’s hanging on the peg, but once I’ve got them open I tend to feel as if the price is justified, even though the Deluxes are just a few dollars more. I honestly thought that Ironhide might have been a fluke, but now that I own two of these Cyberverse Commander figures, I’m still just as impressed. Shall we try for three? Next time, we’ll look at Cyberverse Powerglide and see if Hasbro can keep it going.

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