Transformers Dark of the Moon: Shockwave by Hasbro

I had every intention of picking up a couple of DotM Deluxes today, but when I saw Shockwave sitting on the shelf, I just couldn’t resist picking him up instead. I’ve been kind of mixed on the early pictures of Shockwave I saw floating around the Interwebs, particularly the shots of his nebulous alt form, but when I actually had the box in my hand in the toy aisle, I just thought he looked amazing.

Shockwave is a Voyager Class toy and he comes in the same style window box that we saw when we looked at Megatron a little while back. I’m still really digging on this package. It displays the figure really well in his robot mode and the space-themed deco is a lot more appropriate to the Transformers brand than what we’ve been getting lately. There’s a Try Me hole on the window that lets you fiddle with the MechTech weapon conversion, but it doesn’t really work well in the box. The front has an illustration of Shockwave in his alien tank mode, which looks surprisingly good, while the back panel shows off photos of the toy in both robot and vehicle form. He has a bio blurb on one of the side panel and his tech specs on the other. Shockwave was always cool in the G1 cartoon, but it seems as if he got elevated to some major badass chops in the Bayformer Universe. I have a feeling he’s going to wind up a lot closer to the Marvel Comics version of the character. I guess we’ll see in just a couple of weeks!

As always, let’s start with his alt mode. I expected to hate it, since it looked like another jumbled Cybertronic mess of the type we got with Megatron from the first two movies. Turns out, it’s not quite that bad. Yes, Shockwave’s alt mode is still a nebulous looking attack vehicle with a big gun on top, but it holds together pretty well and with the sculpted treads and the front wheels it actually looks like something that might pass for a credible Cybertron war machine rather than a total afterthought. What’s more, the transformation is pretty straightforward. All in all, I’d say this alt mode is even better than Energon’s Shockwave homage, Shockblast. It’s certainly better than Revenge of the Fallen Megatron’s hermit crab tank mode.

In robot mode, Shockwave is just plain gorgeous. Am I being too generous? Maybe. Or maybe I’ve just become accustom to the Bayformer designs after having them rammed down my throat for three movies. Either way, the sculpt and the very Decepticon purple and grey coloring all really comes together for me in this figure. To me this is just a great rendition of Shockwave, complete with the cyclops head and the huge blaster on his arm. Admittedly, with a different head and a different colorscheme, this could have just as easily been Megatron too, but that doesn’t make him any less attractive a figure. The ribcage sculpt on his chest is really cool, and I like the way the sculpted treads are worn on his legs.

The MechTech cannon is definitely cool, and I was surprised that it is actually removable and Shockwave has a regular arm as well. There’s a big hose that can connnect from the cannon to various points on Shockwave’s body, which is a nice nod back to the hose on the G1 toy. It does limit the articulation a bit, but than you can remove it if you want to. I’ll also note that Shockwave’s MechTech weapon is the only one I own so far that will lock into its transformed mode, so that’s a big plus.

Shockwave’s articulation includes universal movement in the shoulders, hinged elbows and wrists, universal, ratcheting joints in the hips and hinged knees. His head also rotates. The lack of at least a swivel in the waist is a little disappointing, and the arm articulation is a little awkward. I can’t get Shockwave into a lot of the poses I would like, but he still has a decent amount of articulation for a Transformer.

Shockwave set me back just under $19, which is exactly how much I paid for Megatron. It’s a fair enough price point for what is a very nice looking and very well made figure. He’s probably the sturdiest and most solid feeling movie-related Transformer I’ve bought in a little while. He is still smaller than the Voyagers we’ve been used to getting, but he fits in nicely with Megatron and standing the two together really make me hope that Soundwave might also get a Voyager treatment in the line.

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