Watchmen: The Comedian by DC Direct

As much as I’d love to do another Cyberverse figure today, a promise is a promise, so I thought I’d mix things up just a bit with a random DC entry from off the top shelf of my toy room. You haven’t seen any Watchmen figures reviewed on FigureFan before because it took me a long time to come around and even give that movie a chance. I was actually pretty excited about it when we first heard it was being made, but then the changes started to filter down and I got really soured on it. Fast forward to late last year when someone gave me a copy of the Blu-Ray for Christmas. It sat unopened on my shelf for weeks until finally I had nothing else to do and gave it a go. Turns out I liked it quite a bit, and not soon after I picked up my first Watchman figure from the film.

It’s The Comedian! I’m pretty sure this is the first action figure based on a rapist that I own, although I’ve never been entirely certain what Freddy Kruger got up to with those kids before he murdered them, so maybe not. Ok, this is getting a little dark, so let’s take a look at the package. I don’t own a lot of DC Direct figures, but all the ones I have purchased were carded. Comedian, on the other hand, comes in a nice window box with an extended cardback to let it hang on a peg. The interior tray of the box is printed with a graffitied wall, which makes for a nice backdrop to display the figure against. The back panel of the box shows the other figures available in this two series line.

DC Direct’s figures usually feature excellent sculpts, but I’m extra impressed with the job they did on The Comedian. Besides being a genuinely good likeness to actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan they attention to the little details of his costume and gear is pretty exquisite and the tiny cigar sculpted into his mouth is just the icing on the cake. His shoulder armor is hinged so as not to interfere with the arm articulation and he has two sculpted holsters on his belt to hold his trusty sidearms. The paintwork on my figure is razor sharp to match the sculpt. You have to look really hard to see any signs of bleed or slop.

The Comedian comes with his two automatic pistols, which fit in the aforementioned holsters or in his hands. The sculps and paintwork on these weapons hold up with the rest of the figure. He also comes with a display stand. I’m not really crazy about the stand. It’s just too small for him, but I won’t complain about getting it. Although a shotgun would have been more welcome.

If you’re familiar with DC Direct’s figures than you know not to expect a super articulated figure, but with 13 useful points of articulation, Comedian has much better poseability than I’m used to seeing in these figures. The arms feature ball jointed shoulders, hinged elbows and swivel cuts to the wrists; his legs rotate at the hips, are hinged at the knees, and feature swivel cuts just above the boots. There’s no articulation in his torso, but his neck is ball jointed.

Comedian is the only Watchman figure I own and that’s mostly because I just stumbled upon him on clearance, but he’s definitely inspired me to hunt down some of the other figures in the line when I get the chance. DC Direct’s figures seldom disappoint me, but the overal quality on this guy has just blown me away.

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