Matty Sale Day, SDCC Exclusives, and Other Stuff…

Matty Sale Day was yestereday and it was a big one. There weren’t that many new figures, with only Clawful and JLU STRIPE making their debuts, but there was a ton of second and third chances at older figures from MOTUC, Ghostbusters, and a little bit of DC. I was pretty sure I wanted Clawful, and I didn’t get a chance to see what was being offered in the so-called All Stars Sale ahead of time, but I didn’t have high hopes for getting anything as my social calendar had me going out straight after work and not getting home until around 2am. Take a lesson, kids, like the mongoose to the snake, the social life is the natural enemy of the toy collector!

Anywho, it turned out fine, as Clawful was still available when I got home. I will admit to hesitating a bit before pulling the trigger. I wanted the figure, but man at $30 a pop it’s getting harder and harder to justify some of the background characters. I desparately looked around for something else I wanted, if only to defray the cost of shipping, but I wound up not getting anything else. I would have liked to get a clean Egon with the PKE Meter or the unslimed Venkman, but not at $20 each for variants of figures I already own. I might have picked up Winston, the last of the four 12″ Ghostbusters I need, but I had just dropped $100 on a new wave of DCUC figures. Speaking of which, I was disappointed that there weren’t any DCUC figures in the All Stars Sale, but I’m guessing its because those figures are sold at retail. Well, theoretically they are. I’ve not seen any at local stores in a very long time.
It was an interesting Sale Day, as it shows us that Matty has a lot of stock on these figures kicking around. Logging in a day later and Clawful is the only item on the large list that has sold out. Pretty crazy since they aren’t placing limits on any of the All Stars items.

Moving on to next week… SDCC kicks off next week, which means I’ll be spending some time between now and then researching the exclusives that I’m not up to date on and trying to figure out what I’m going to try to chase after and what I’m going to pass up. Here’s a quick rundown on where I stand with the items on my radar.

Hasbro: GI JOE/Transformers: Starscream Skystriker: This is one of the must-have items on my list. It’s also one that I’m worried about getting. At only $50 I think it’s very reasonably priced and that may cause scalpers to have a field day with it, knowing that they have a lot of room to mark it up. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to snag one on HTS but my luck with SDCC exclusives on the site has been hit and miss in past years. All I know is that I will get it, whatever it takes.

Hasbro: GI JOE: Zarana and Cold Slither Variant: I need to research this one a little more. I’m guessing it’s a two pack? I haven’t seen any in-package pictures, but either way I want it. It’s another exclusive that I’ll probably be spending whatever it takes to get, so it’s a good thing I didn’t spend much money on GI JOE this year.

Hasbro: Transformers Prime: Optimus Prime: Easily the most disappointing exclusive of the show. After getting such beautiful Soundwave and Blaster re-issues for the last two shows, this thing is just a dud. The figure looks mediocre at best and I’ll be able to buy it for about $10 at Walmart soon anyway. I don’t care about the Matrix packaging.

Ban Dai: Thundercats: Classic Lion-O: I would love to own this figure, but not at $40. It’s the same figure that I have pre-ordered at $17 only the exclusive has a weapons rack and some better paintwork. Easy pass at that price. This is listed as a TRU Exclusive too, so I’m willing to bet it’ll show up on clearance in the stores or on the website just like Giants of Justice Flash did.

Mattel: MOTUC: Queen Marlena and Cringer:This must-buy ranks up there with the Starscream and Zarana sets. I predict it’s going to be really hard to get, and I’m going to pay more for it than I want to. Than again, I was able to get last year’s Orko and Prince Adam for only a bit over retail, so hopefully I’ll get lucky again.

Mattel: Ghostbusters: Stay-Puft Marshmellow Man: This is a really nice piece and I sure wouldn’t mind owning it, but at $70 (and likely to be considerably more after the show) it’s an easy pass. I’m perfectly happy with my smaller yet nicely sculpted Diamond Select bank standing in for Mr. Stay Puft on my Ghostbusters shelf.

Mattel: DC Universe Classics: Swamp Thing: I’m not terribly excited over this figure, probably because despite being a DC property, I just don’t think it belongs in my DCUC collection and I’m not a big enough fan of the character to want the figure on its own. It’s highly unlikely I pick this one up unless the price is really right. Besides, I have zero confidence in that skin covering holding up in the long term.

Mattel: Voltron: I need to see more of this figure before deciding whether or not I need it. I may wait to see what Matty has planned for the Voltron subscription toys. As much as I like the looks of this one, it might be too redundant to warrant a purchase.

Character Options: Doctor Who: River Song with Pandorica Chair. Not the slam dunk exclusive I was hoping for, but I’ll definitely pick this up for the River figure. It should be easy enough to get too. I’m still waiting to find out what CO’s Classic Who exclusive will be.

As far as the blog goes… I have a lot of figures and toys due to be rolling in over the next couple of weeks, including that aforementioned wave of DC Universe Classics, and I’m still hoping that some of my Thundercats preorders may start shipping earlier than expected. So I’m devoting next week to cleaning up my In Box and featuring some figures that have been lingering in the hopper for a long time. My In Box is basically a folder on my harddrive where I have in-package shots of figures that I haven’t featured yet. It’ll be a mish-mash of somewhat older stuff, but just by perusing what i’ve got in here, I’m seeing that most, if not all, of it will be comic book related figures. I’ve also got one more Dark of the Moon figure to toss in too and I’ll try to save that for later in the week.

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