DC Universe Classics Wave 11: Deadman by Mattel

Next up on my very belated wrap-up of DCUC Wave 11 is Deadman. To me, Deadman is one of those characters who has a really compelling backstory, but I’ve just never happened to read any of his own funny books. Being the Jack Kirby whore that I am, it was probably in the pages of The Forever People that I first met the character, and ever since my only real exposure to him has been from his appearances in the pages of other people’s books and some of his animated appearances. The Brave and the Bold comes instantly to mind. Nonetheless, I was still very excited to get Deadman, mainly for his cool character design and what looked like was going to be an amazing sculpt.


Yup, it’s same package we just saw with Shark. Deadman fills the huge bubble a bit better than Shark did, but it still feels like there’s an awful lot of room in there, especially since the C&C piece is mostly obscured by the insert on the bottom of the tray. At least the back of the bubble is illustrated with figures from the wave and makes for a nice presentation.
Egads, do I love the sculpt on this figure, or more specifically… the head. You could certainly argue that it’s a little intense for Deadman, but it’s some truly remarkable work that extends down to a good portion of his exposed chest. The sickly grey coloring on his dead skin is perfect and the expression on his face is downright scary.
The rest of the figure is pretty simple. I love the exaggerated collar, although the only other real sculpting on the outfit is the belt and shoes, as the “D” and the gauntlets are just painted on. The color scheme is simple two-tone red and maroon, which is certainly appropriate to the character and the paintwork on my figure is very crisp and clean. The body build is good for the character, although possibly could have been a bit lankier looking in the limbs, but it still looks fine the way it is.
Deadman features your standard DCUC articulation. The arms have rotating hinges in the shoulders, hinged elbows, and swivels in the biceps and wrists. The legs have universal movement in the hips, hinged knees and ankles, and swivels in the thighs. Deadman swivels at the waist and has the ab crunch hinge and a ball jointed neck.
I won’t lie, my main interest in Wave 11 was the Green Lantern figures, but Deadman was a nice addition to this wave and one that I certainly didn’t mind having to buy to get to my C&C Kilowog. He’s a fantastic looking figure, very faithful to the source material, and he ranks up there as having one of my favorite head sculpts in the DCUC line so far. Deadman was also available in a variant phasing version, which looks very nice, but I seldom buy the DCUC character variants unless they are entirely different sculpts or they are included in a full case purchase.
*This photos for this Feature were revised on 1/30/2016

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