Iron Man 2: Iron Monger (Movie Series) by Hasbro

Yeah, there’s some seriously backdated stuff in my hopper, including some figures hanging around from the Iron Man 2 line. I picked up this figure quite a while ago. Every time I was sure I was done with this line, another figure would turn up on the peg that I couldn’t resist. Last time it was this Iron Monger from the original Iron Man movie… on an Iron Man 2 card. I’ve got some seriously mixed feelings about this one… let’s see why.

It’s no surprise that Iron Man figures are still hanging on the pegs, as Hasbro is trying to keep it relevant until The Avengers movie comes out. Hasbro has abandoned the now dated Iron Man 2 cards in favor of calling the line just plain Iron Man. This may be the last time we see the Iron Man 2 packaging here on FigureFan, but then I can’t promise anything. The package still looks awesome, and I actually like it much better than the packaging that has replaced it. Iron Monger is a big figure, pretty close in overall girth to the Hulkbuster Iron Man figure that I’ve looked at some time ago. Suffice it to say he really fills up the bubble and gives the card a satisfying, hefty weight.

Ok, so let’s talk about the good stuff first. One thing I’ve come to expect from Hasbro’s Iron Man 2 line is gorgeously detailed sculpts and Iron Monger here is no exception. Unlike many of the Iron Man armors, Iron Monger doesn’t rely on any spiffy paint jobs to make him look good. Nope, it’s all sculpt, and he can definitely pull it off. The design holds back just enough to make him look a little primitive when compared to the modern Iron Man armors, but there’s still plenty of delicious detail, particularly in the limbs and the back. I also like the way Hasbro used the soft rubbery plastic for his shoulder armor so that his articulation wouldn’t be articulated. All in all, he looks absolutely awesome.

The not so good? He’s a big figure, but not big enough to be in scale with the other figures in the line. I know, I’m being stupid picky here, since making him any bigger would put him at a higher price point, which the line didn’t really have. The obvious alternative, if you want a more properly scaled version is to go get the one released for the original movie. The only problem is, I don’t think that figure’s sculpt really approaches this one in its beauty. There’s the dilemma.

As with all the Iron Man 2 figures, Iron Monger comes with the stand that’s slotted to hold the three Armor Cards. Two of the cards are transparent and when you display them together it completes the schematic of the armor. I didn’t think much of these stands at first, but when you display all the figures together on the stands, they sure look nice. The only problem here is that the stands are dwarfed and blocked by the bigger figures like Iron Monger here, and you can really only get one of his feet on it. I know, he’s too small… he’s too big, he can’t win with me.

If scale isn’t a huge issue with you than Iron Monger is a nice figure. He still displays great next to the other figures in the line, but it’s hard to recreate the battle at the end of the original film without a much bigger figure. Still, the sculpt is impressive and this figure is a fine example of everything I really loved about the Iron Man 2 line. Which is why I’m willing to bet it won’t be the last time we revisit the line here on FigureFan.