Marvel Universe: Grey Hulk by Hasbro

Some of the figures that have been hanging out in the limbo of my In Box are there because I just don’t have a lot to say about him. Say, hello to Grey Hulk. I have never been a big fan of The Hulk in any shape or form. He certainly can’t hold my interest as a main character, but I don’t mind him when he’s attached to The Avengers in a supporting role. Still, I had no problem picking up a regular flavor Hulk for my Marvel Universe collection. Grey Hulk, on the other hand? The only reason I own this figure is because he was included in a case assortment that I purchased to get at a bunch of other figures. On the plus side, I haven’t looked at this sculpt yet, so let’s see if I can pad this out to a full length post.

Grey Hulk is from an older wave assortment before Norm Osborne took over the Hasbro factory and started stamping his HAMMER logo on all the packages. As such, the bubble insert brandishes the SHIELD emblem. The artwork is decent and Hulk certainly fills out the card, but there’s not much else to say here.

Surprise! Grey Hulk is just a repaint of the green single carded Hulk, and that’s a shame because the sculpt was pretty crappy in the first place. I passed on the original single carded Hulk in favor of the version from the Secret Wars comic pack. Sure, that one isn’t perfect either, but it’s a breath of fresh air compared to this sculpt. The body is fine, actually its the same as the Secret Wars figure’s body, but let’s look at the head. With the figure on the card, you can make an easy comparison to the decent character artwork and the figure under the bubble, and see that Hasbro turned The Hulk into a pinhead. The face looks emaciated and his flat head gives me a Frankenstein’s monster vibe. It looks more like this should be zombie hulk. Grey Hulk’s got blue pants and a decent wash over the rest of the figure to give him some depth to the sculpt.

As probably expected, Grey Hulk is light on the accessories. All he comes with is his envelope of Secret Documents from the Fury Files.

So, yeah, I really hate this figure. I’ll grant you it doesn’t help that I had no interest in a Grey Hulk to begin with, but let’s face it, I’ve been known to fall in love with figures based on characters I didn’t care about or even know, so I’m not giving Grey Hulk any free passes. I mean, was anyone really satisfied with this sculpt? If a non-Hulk fan like me hates it so much, I would imagine the real Hulk fanboys are livid. On the upside, it was worth getting saddled with him to be able to pick up the other figures in this assortment that I needed.