Marvel Universe: Bucky by Hasbro

In case you haven’t noticed Captain America is all the rage these days, what with the movie coming out and the pegs in the toy asisles adorned with figures from the new movie. I only have one of Cap’s movie figures, Red Skull, but as expected there’s some overlap between Hasbro’s Marvel Universe line and the line of figures based on the new movie. This allows me to be topical while checking out Bucky, one of those Marvel Universe figures that I never got around to looking at here on FigureFan. So let’s see how the MU version of Cap’s stalwart comrade in arms turned out.

Bucky comes on the standard MU packaging. His assortment is part of the Dark Reign style releases with HAMMER themed packages, as opposed to the SHIELD logo. Bucky’s artwork is pretty good and dominates the upper portion of the card. The figure comes posed with one of his Tommy Guns in his hand. As always the presentation here is solid and despite being an opener, I sure wouldn’t mind having a second run of some of these figures carded to hang on my wall.

Overall I’m happy with Hasbro’s sculpt, although there are a few nits to pick. The detail on Bucky’s tunic is good and includes the sculpted brass buttons on the front, his high collar, and his belt with pouches. The head sculpt isn’t one of MU’s better examples, but it does work. I’m trying to remind myself that this is a somewhat earlier figure. The hair is decently sculpted and the mask looks fine, but I would have liked it if the rest of the face sculpt wasn’t so soft. One complaint I do have, however, is the figure looks rather top heavy and the belt looks kind of chunky. Bucky is by no means a bad looking figure, but proportionally he just looks a little off.

You get standard MU style male articulation. This includes universal movement in the shoulders, hinged elbows and swivels in the biceps and wrists. He has universal movement in the hips, double hinged knees, and hinged ankles. His neck is ball jointed and he has universal movement in the waist.
Bucky comes with a fair amount of goodies. You get his Secret Documents, his personalized display stand and not one, but two Thompson submachine guns. I really like the guns. Yeah, they’re a little oversized, but the sculpts are excellent. I may even do a little paintwork on the socks if I get really bored one day. I was surprised that Hasbro included two of the guns with the figure, and he can hold them nicely in both hands. Chances are, though, one of these babies will go into my GI Joes’ armory.

No doubt, Bucky is a great and necessary addition to the MU lineup, especially for us Cap fans. I haven’t seen a Bucky figure in the new Captain America line yet, so it’s hard to say whether it will be an improvement on this figure or just a straight on repack. Either way, chances are I’ll settle for this one as the Bucky for my Marvel 3 3/4″ collection.

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