Thundercats: 4-inch Tygra by Ban Dai

I’m continuing to push through the Basic Assortment of 4-inch Thundercats figures this weekend, and next up is Tygra. So far, he seems to be the character that changed the most in the transition from the classic to the new series. He’s now Lion-O’s more responsible, adopted brother and maybe a bit of a smug ass to boot, while still being fairly likeable. Let’s see how his figure turned out.

I’m still really digging the packaging on this line. Tygra comes packaged with his laser pistol in hand and his whip sweeping around the right side of the bubble. There’s some nice artwork of him on the card grimacing as he’s rushing into action.

Tygra’s about the same build as Lion-O but an entirely new sculpt. His head bears a strong resemblance to the classic character and he’s the spitting image of the character as he appears in the new series. He’s sculpted wearing full armor, with only his right arm and head left exposed. The sculpt nicely walks the line between being detailed and yet still looking simple enough to capture the animated character’s design. Tygra comes with a utility belt, which is removable, and I’m happy for it because I don’t think it looks all that great on him. It’s a nice bonus as it does have a holster for his gun, but I prefer to leave it off while displaying him.

As with Lion-O, the paintwork on this figure is almost immaculate. There’s one tiny paint zit just below Tygra’s left eye, but apart from that everything is crisp and clean, from his eyes and his tiger stripes right down to that gorgeous little Thundercat emblem on his chest. I wasn’t a big fan of his new green armor, but it’s grown on me a bit since the character models first debuted.

In addition to the belt, Tygra comes with his trademark whip and a laser pistol. The pistol is a nice addition, since Tygra was shown recovering it from one of the Lizard Men in the premier two-part episode and he’s been brandishing it ever since. It’s decently sculpted, some paint apps would have been nice, but that’s probably asking a lot for a 4-inch scale pistol. The whip is very simple and cast in bright blue rubbery plastic so it’s very flexible. Tygra can wield his weapons in either hand. Nice accessories. Nothing extravagant, but they get the job done.

The articulation here is almost identical to what we saw on Lion-O. He has a ball jointed neck. His arms have universal movement at the shoulders, hinged elbows and swivel cuts in the wrists. His legs feature universal movement at the hips, as well as hinged knees and ankles. The only difference? Tygra cannot swivel at the waist. Again, not the best articulation we’ve seen in this scale, but there’s no denying that Tygra is a highly poseable figure and loads of fun to play around with.

Like Lion-O, Tygra is a very well made, sturdy and great looking figure. He’s yet another example of why I should eat my reservations about Ban Dai getting the new Thundercats line. Sure, Mumm-Ra bottomed out in some areas, particularly articulation, but those were sacrifices made to preserve the character and so far the exceptions to the trend that these 4-inch figures are turning out great.