Thundercats: 4-inch Wilykit and Wilykat by Ban Dai

I still haven’t managed to get my hands on Panthro or Cheetara, so the Thunder Kittens will be the last two figures in the Thundercats Basic Assortment that I’ll be looking at this week. These figures are carded and sold individually, but because they’re pretty small and because they each come with a repaint of the same big accessory, I decided to check them out both at the same time.

The packaging still looks great, but these little kittens don’t fill out their cards all that well. We haven’t seen the kittens use skateboards in the new series yet, so I’m thinking the HUGE skateboard accessories might be there as a slight nod back to the old series (by the way, they were HOVERboards, Ban Dai) and to help fill out the huge bubbles. Then again, who’s to say the kittens aren’t going to be riding skateboards in the next episode and making me look like an ass? Either way, I’m amazed at how much I like the kittens as characters in the new series.

The figures on the other hand… Yeah. So, I’m really not crazy about how these figures turned out. The cupie doll proportions are all skewed to make them look cartoonishly young, but their big heads and tiny bodies make them look a lot younger than they do on the show. Granted, the 2011 kittens definitely look younger than they did on the original show, but they don’t look like this and it feels like Ban Dai wasn’t even trying to make them all that screen accurate. I’m also not happy with the way they handled the tails. They’re sculpted straight down to form a third leg. It’s the tail that actually has the peg hole to secure the figures to their boards. Blah! On he plus side, the body sculpts are pretty decent and the paintwork is immaculate. I’m inclined to like Wilykat’s figure a bit better than Wilykit, but both of them could have been a lot better.

The skate boards themselves aren’t bad accessories. They roll along well and you can pull out the sides to reveal guns and flip open the front to form a claw like thingy. Unfortunately, since the figures have almost no poseability, they look pretty ridiculous standing on top of these things in a ram-rod straight fashion. Each kitten also comes with their own unique accessory. Wilykat comes with these long claws and Wilykit comes with her ciruclar flute. Neither kitten’s accessories are all that great.

These figures even fall short in the articulation department. You only get three points on each figure: The heads turn and the arms rotate at the shoulders. They just aren’t very much fun.

It’s a shame Ban Dai went in the direction they did with the kittens, because I really dig them on the cartoon and I would have liked to get some decent figures based off of them. Maybe they’ll be better executed in the 6-inch scale? We’ll have to wait and see. I’m going to take an intermission from the Thundercats mania for the next couple of days to look at a few other figures that have landed on my doorstep. But the Thundercats will return later in the week as I start checking out some of the Deluxe Assortment figures and vehicles. Ho!

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