Masters of the Universe Classics: Captain Glenn (Queen Marlena) and Cringer by Mattel

2011 was a rough year for me and SDCC exclusives. There wasn’t a lot that I wanted and I still got skunked out of most of it. Who would have thought that old Matty would have come through to deliver the most painless way to score a Con exclusive? And yet on August 1st, after a long night of merriment at the local pub, I came home, sat down at my computer around 11pm, and was able to order Queen Marlena and Cringer without a bit of bother. Unlikely? Yeah. Cool? Definitely. It was certainly a breath of fresh air compared to the experiences on some other webstores… Yeah, I’m looking at you Hasbro!

Now, based on the packaging you can argue that this release isn’t really an SDCC exclusive. The one sold at the Con was packaged as Queen Marlena, whereas the one sold on Matty afterwards is packaged as Captain Glenn. I understand that if you’re a MOC collector, this is a huge deal, but I’m not, so once I tore her out of the package, all things became equal. Either way, I’m a happy camper. Glenn comes in the standard white mailer box and carded on the now all too familiar MOTUC card. The figure looks really nice in the package and the back panel has the ubiquitous bio as well as pictures of other figures in the line. I think it was a brilliant idea on Matty’s part to make this release two figures in one. Queen Marlena is a nice figure for collectors looking to complete the Eternian Royal Family, but she ain’t all that exciting. Give her the ability to turn into her younger, galaxy-hopping space adventuress persona, and now you’re talking! Anywho, when you open up the package you’re greeted with a whole lot of stuff.

Considering the nature of this figure, I’m actually going to start by listing her accessories, because you get a lot of stuff packaged onto this unassuming little card. Most of it is either on the figure or stuffed under the bottom insert. If you strip Marlena down to her base figure, you’re left with her royal robe, her astronaut vest, astronaut helmet in two pieces, gun belt with holster, extra head, laser pistol, laser rifle, sword, and staff. That’s the kind of assortment I expect to get with a 1:6 scale figure, and I didn’t even mention Cringer yet!

Let’s start with Captain Glenn. The figure looks great with a space suit that’s not too bulky and yet fairly convincing. The only thing odd is that she’s not wearing gloves, but I can certainly let that slide. She has a definite retro-thing going on with the huge fishbowl style helmet and low slung gun belt. The back of the helmet has a panel that hangs down her back with some instruments sculpted into it. The Glenn head sulpt is ok, but maybe a bit too angular. There’s a defintie difference in the faces between the two heads and the Glenn one is not my favorite of the two. She also looks a bit too much like Teela.

Glenn’s accessories make her a bit of a walking arsenal. The gunbelt fits on so nicely and secures so well it looks like it’s not even meant to come off. The pistol is a great little sculpt and fits snugly into the holster. The rifle is pretty big and also features a really cool and unique sculpt, complete with a scope. Too bad she didn’t encounter Skeletor when first crash landing on Eternia. She probably could have killed him without breaking a sweat.

To convert Glenn to Queen Marlena, you basically remove everything from the figure, including the head. Then you pop on the new head, put on her rubbery, plastic robe and stitch it up the back. As I mentioned earlier, the Marlena head is my favorite of the two. The hair is a bit more poofy and she’s wearing her crown, but the face just looks more natural and attractive and less stern and angular. The fasteners on her robe are just tabs that fit into sockets and they work amazingly well. Once you get them lined up and fastened properly you’re left with just a seam in the back and the robe is pretty snug and looks very natural. Of course, it also cripples the figure’s articulation from the waist down. You still have full movement in the arms and head, but that’s it. As Marlena, the figure is fairly simple, but very faithful to her character design and should appease both Filmation and comic fans alike.

As Queen, Marlena comes with her staff and a sword. The staff is nicely sculpted and rounds out her queenly ensemble very nicely. The sword is the same one that was packaged with Battleground Teela, which is cool because I really like it. It’s a nice, no-nonsense, functional looking weapon. I’m not sure how often the Queen of Eternia needs to go around sticking swords into people, but I’ll never scoff at an extra accessory.

And speaking of extra accessories, let’s not forget Cringer! For what is essentially a bonus item, Cringer is an amazing piece. The sculpt features every bit of love and detail that T4H put into their main attraction figures. He’s the spitting image of the Filmation design, right down to his “Oh shit, we’re gonna die” expression and his one snaggle tooth. The paint apps are argueably better than the ones on my full Battle Cat and no detail has been spared. If you turn him over, you can see even the pads on his paws have been sculpted and painted. Of course, Cringer is mostly just a statue, but he does have swivel cuts in his neck and the base of his tail.

As I mentioned up top, Glenn/Marlena was very easy to purchase from Matty Collector after the Con. If you somehow missed her on Matty, you should still be able to get her from a third-party dealer without getting your wallet raped too badly. But even if you are paying a bit extra, there’s enough stuff in this package to make the inflated price tag well worth it. It’s not often I can say this about the MOTUC series, but at $37 shipped, I’d actually consider this figure a decent value.

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