Playmobil: Treasure Transporter With Row Boat (#4295)

Arrrr! I know I promised ye pirates today, but I might have fibbed a little. Actually, I wanted to feature the two pirates sets I have on consecutive days and I haven’t decided what I’m posting about tomorrow yet, so I opted to look at this Playmobil set instead. Technically, it is part of the Pirates line and we know this because it’s got the adorable little Playmobil pirate face on the box right next to the set number. But these guys look more like Conquestadors to me. I suppose we could get into a whole semantics argument over the meaning of the word pirates, but let’s not and just move on.

This set comes in the standard and very iconic Playmobil box. Have you noticed how I keep capitalizing Playmobil and its never capitalized on the packages? Sorry, just can’t help myself. Once again, the front of the box shows the toys in action and the back of the box shows a picture catalog of everything you get inside. Unlike the larger sets, which open up easily after cutting the tape, you practically have to tear your way into these smaller boxed sets, much like a Lego set. There’s that Lego-Playmobil comparison again. I can’t seem to escape those. I just realized that I didn’t take a picture of the contents after opening the box, which I’m a little peeved at myself over. Suffice it to say the boat comes loose and you get a couple of baggies of figures and accessories, along with an instruciton book and catalog.
The figures are really cool, and as I said, they look more like Conquistadors than Pirates, but either way, they’re obviously hauling a crap load of ill-gotten loot so they’re fair game for either the Playmobil Pirates or the Playmobil Royal Navy. As much as I do like the figures, I do miss the way the vintage Playmobil sets actually had vac-metalized armor and helmets whereas the armor on these guys is just printed on and their helmets are just a matte silver. Not a deal breaker, but just me longing for the way things used to be. Each figure comes with a baldric and a sword to put into it. I haven’t seen a lot of other current Playmobil sets featuring Conquistadors, so I’m not sure if this set is just a one-off fancy for the Pirate line, but I’d love to see more coming, especially a large sized Spanish Galleon.
The little boat in this set, is definitely not a Galleon, but just a row boat that’s just big enough for both figures and their treasure chest. You assemble it just by putting in the boards that form the seats, snapping on the flag and putting in the oars. The treasure chest is the same one that came with the Deluxe Soldier 2-pack we looked at earlier this week and there’s a baggie of gold coins to fill it with. Surprisingly, the coins are vac-metalized. Cool!
So, this little set may seem all that impressive after the Soldiers Boat from the last Playmobil feature, and the figures in it don’t necessarily fit in perfectly with the pirates and the royal navy figures in the series, but I still like them a lot and the boat and treasure certainly make a nice addition to the whole line up and can be used to expand any of the Pirates sets. Plus, the set retails at just under fifteen bucks, and it’s hard for me to argue with that!

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