Young Justice: 4-inch Series, Wave 1: Speedy and Kid Flash by Mattel

Last time we checked out Aqualad and Icicle Jr and now it’s time to take a look at the ketchup and mustard twins. In retrospect, I probably should have split these guys up since they feature the same red and yellow coloring on their uniforms, but then they’re also both dicks toward Artemis when she first joins the group, so I guess they have a lot in common.

It’s the same packaging we saw last time and I still like it a lot. It’s colorful and the huge bubble really shows off the figure well, while hiding the unsightly Hall of Justice piece behind a cleverly concealed card made to blend in with the cardback. the back panel of the card has an illustration of the character, a little blurb about him, and reveals what the other figures in the line will be. The overall deco of the package really draws me in and makes me want to spend ten dollars on an under sculpted and under articulated figure. Damn, you, Mattel!!!
Let’s kick it off with Kid Flash. The head sculpt is great! From the goggles and lightning bolts coming off his hood right down to his little douchebag smirk, Mattel has certainly captured the likeness. From the neck down, though, there’s precious little in the way of sculpted detail, apart from his gauntlets. I was, however, pleasantly surprised to see that it is a new body and is notably and correctly shorter than the other members of the gang. His costume is characterized by a nice bright coat of red and yellow paint and a red lighting bolt tampo’ed on his chest. As much as I hate pre-posed figures, I’m almost tempted to say Kid Flash might have benefited from some, since you can’t really get him into a good running pose. Kid Flash comes with one accessory: A bag of fast food. It’s pretty useless since he can barely even hold it, but then I think it’s kind of awesome to own a figure that comes with a bag of takeout.
Moving on to Speedy. He enjoys the most unique sculpting of any figure we’ve looked at so far. The head is pretty solid, with the hat sculpted onto the head , complete with feather, and the mask painted on his face. While his torso appears to be the same as Aqualad’s, there’s a sculpted belt and “skirt” added over the hips that makes the shirt look more like a tunic. The high collar and strap across his chest are added with paint apps. His arms also benefit from uniquely sculpted sleeves and gauntlets, and his legs have sculpted heavy boots. Naturally, Speedy also has his quiver full of arrows. It’s permanently plugged right into his back. Speedy comes with his trusty bow. Mattel could have probably gotten away with just using paint apps for some of Speedy’s sculpted bits, so it’s nice to see they went a little extra on making this guy unique.

The articulation on Kid Flash and Speedy is the same as Aqualad and Icicle Jr. You get the basic four points of rotation: Shoulders and hips, and you get ball jointed necks. Again, this is really unacceptable in this day and age, not to mention at this price point, but I guess Mattel got away with it throughout the JLU line, so and decided not to mess with success.

Ok, so having looked at the entire first wave, what can we make with the Hall of Justice C&C pieces so far?
There it is. Not too much to look at yet, but you can definitely get an idea of just how big this thing is going to be and what it’s going to look like. I’m extremely impressed. Early reports suggested that the pieces don’t lock together all that well, but I’m finding the opposite. This is a pretty sturdy construct that holds together extremely well and looks great as a backdrop for the Young Justice figures or even the JLU or Infinite Heroes lines. Hell, even though it’s  out of scale with the DCUC figures, they still look great posing in front of it.
And that’s Wave 1. I know I should be coming down on these figures like a ton of bricks, but I’m still digging on them. Sure, I wish they were better articulated. Sure, I wish they had a bit more detailed sculpts. And most of all, yes, I wish they cost less. But I just think the simple execution works well for an animated series like Young Justice. But most of all, the main reason I’m pursuing this line like I am is to get the Hall of Justice completed. It’s really is going to be cool and offer up a whole bunch of great display options for my various lines of DC Universe figures.

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