Thor: Sword Spike Thor by Hasbro

Thor came out this week on Blu-Ray, and I had a great time watching it again. It also put the Marvel movie figure buying bug in me and so while I was picking up groceries at Walmart this weekend, I went a little crazy with the Thor and Captain America figures. As much as I loved Thor, I really had no intention of buying the figures, but after watching it again this week, I decided that I should at least have a movie Thor figure in my collection.

If you’ve read any of my features on the Iron Man 2 figures, than you know that I really dig Hasbro’s package designs for their Marvel movie figures. You get a picture of Thor in the upper left corner, an Avengers Assemble emblem in the right hand corner and a big bubble to show off the figure and his accessories. It’s attractive, functional and pretty much everything you could possibly want in a carded 3 3/4″ figure. The back panel shows off the figure’s gimmicks, has a little blurb about the character, and some images of other figures in the line. Not too shabby.
There are plenty of Thor’s on the pegs right now, so which one to choose when you only want to buy one? I chose the one with the least intrusive gimmick. The other Thor figures feature electronics in the hammer and less articulation, whereas Sword Spike Thor may sound like the dumbest idea for a Thor, but it takes all the gimmickry and confines it into one convenient throw-away accessory. Cool!
Back when Thor was in production, I was more than a little worried about what his modern outfit would look like, but in the end I liked his design and this figure really delivers on it well. The headsculpt bears a great likeness to actor Chris Hemsworth with some pretty complex yet precise paintwork. Not something I always expect to see in a Hasbro 3 3/4″ figure these days. I really thought I would have a problem with a Thor not wearing his iconic helmet, but I really don’t miss it that much. The body sculpt is extremely detailed from the scales on his armor sleeves to the scrollwork on his modernized chestplate. His cape is removable as it simply pegs into his back, and by removable I mean it sometimes likes to remove itself and fall off. It’s a little off putting to see Thor not as buffed out as usual, but in terms of the source material, I really have no complaints, the figure turned out great.
Thor’s articulation is great in theory, but stumbles a bit in practice. You get almost all the points we’ve come to expect from Hasbro’s modern 3 3/4″ figure bodies. As always, the neck is ball jointed. The arms feature ball joints in the shoulders and elbows and swivels in the wrists. The usual bicep swivel is missing, which irks me a bit. The legs feature ball joints in the thighs, double hinges in the knees, and ball jointed ankles. Thor doesn’t swivel at the waist, but he does have that funky universal ab joint that Hasbro features in all their modern 3 3/4″ figures nowadays. I really have grown to dislike the style of ball joints Hasbro is using for the hips. They’re too difficult to work and don’t give a really effective range of motion.
How about them accessories? Well, it wouldn’t be Thor without Mjolnir, and while the sculpt lacks the scrollwork on the sides of the hammer, it still looks mighty nice. On the other hand, you have the ridiculous transforming sword with the stupid looking extra thick blade that springs open at the press of a button to reveal some kind of blue rod. I dont’ want to beat up on this too bad, because a) It’s for kids, and they might think its cool, and b) considering the scale, I’m sure Hasbro did the best they could with such a smallish accessory. Like I said earlier, I’m happy to toss the sword into the dreaded “Tote of Accessories That I Shall Never Look Upon Again!!!” Mwahahahaha!  At least it doesn’t impact on the figure at all. Oh yeah, no figure stand. Grrrr!
So yeah, toss aside his “Sword Spike” and this Thor is a great figure on just about all levels. I take some issues with his articulation, particularly those awful hip joints, but that’s something that Hasbro needs to work out across most of their modern 3 3/4″ figures. It’s not by any means a dealbreaker, just something that I think could be done better. I was hoping by now these figures would be clearancing themselves out, but I guess Hasbro and retailers were hanging on for dopes like me that suddenly want them after watching the Blu-Ray. He ran me just under eight bucks at Walmart, and hey, considering the sculpt, paint and articulation, that’s a heck of a lot better than the ten bucks I’m paying for Mattel’s Young Justice figures.

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