Matty Sale Day… Yawn!

Yes, folks, today was Matty Sale Day, albeit not a terribly interesting one. Ghostbusters was a no show, although I haven’t picked up any of the Ghostbusters figures in a long while anyway, so that’s fine with me. In the DC Universe, there were two new JLU 3-packs. I’ve collected JLU from time to time, but I think that ship has mostly sailed for me. I was slightly tempted to go for the Jay Garrick/ Alan Scott/ Carter Hall set, but my willpower held out. There was also a Retro Action style Green Lantern. Blah!

MOTU Classics debuted two new figures. One is Hurricane Hordak, which I am passing on. You can kind of equate this guy to Battle Armor He-Man and Skeletor. I’m not knocking him, but I’m pretty much done buying variants of the same character in this line and the original MOTUC Hordak release is just so perfect to me, I don’t need to sully my shelf with another. In keeping with the Evil Horde theme, the other new figure is Leech. I waffled quite a bit on this guy before finally deciding to pass him over. This one is just a little too goofy even for my MOTU Classics shelves… and man, that’s saying quite a lot. If I was buying something else to combine shipping, I might have picked him up, but that wasn’t the case. The reissue is Chief Carnivous, a figure that I picked up the first time around. Sorry, Matty Collector, no monies for you this month! Wow, it feels good to say that for a change.

Lastly, Matty has announced that they are extending their subscriptions again, starting Saturday and promise that this will be the last time. I already have my Voltron Club Lion Force sub purchased, and I haven’t changed my mind about passing on Club Eternia again. I am, however, going forward and buying the DC Universe sub. Now, I know, some will say I should have shown support and done this back when the sub was in danger of not going through. Some others will say it was never in danger of not going through. The point is, a) I wasn’t confident enough to give Digital River my money for something that might not happen and b) I wasn’t going to subscribe if I didn’t know who the exclusive figure was going to be. Now that I know the sub is a go and I know the Club Exclusive is Metron, I’m happy to sign up. Oops, I guess Matty Collector is getting some of my monies this month. Damn!

Meanwhile, on the home front, I picked up a bunch of Marvel movie figures, as mentioned in today’s feature. I also got a nice box on my stoop with a pair of Ban Dai’s Thundercats Classic figures and Koto’s new Ghostbusters statue. Plenty of fun stuff to look at going into the weekend!