Trash Pack: Trashies by Moose

Time for a little something different today, but first it’s story time! When I was a kid I used to peddle my bike downtown to the Woolworth’s “Five-and-Dime” where they had almost an entire aisle of novelty candy and cheap little junk just made for kids to blow their allowance on. There was everything from Pac Man and Donkey Kong candy in little arcade machine boxes to MUSCLE figures, to capsule slime, and Wacky Wall Walkers, not to mention trading cards devoted to Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark and even ET. I bring up this little nugget of nostalgia because today’s entry feels like it would be right at home nestled in that aisle those many years ago. They’re called Trashies and if you like collecting fun little useless pieces of rubber, than these things are aimed right at you!

This Trashie came blind bagged in a little foil packet. The blind bag seems to be all the rage these days, whether it be Lego Minifigs, Halo Megabloks, Playmobil, or whatever. It’s a system designed to excite and frustrate the collector. On the one hand, it’s fun because you never know what you’re going to get. On the other hand it’s frustrating because… well, you get the idea. You see, there are 166 different Trashies and they range from Common to Rare to Ultra Rare to Special Edition. The idea here is that you can get together with like minded lunatics collectors and trade them. I have a Common that you need? Give me a Common that I need. I have a Rare that you need? Give me 12 Commons that I need. I have a Special Edition that you need? Fuck you, I’m putting it on Ebay. See how it works? Fun! So let’s tear open the bag and see what the heck Trashies are all about.
Inside the bag you get a fold out that looks like the Periodic Table of Elements. It shows all the available Trashies, their names, their numbers, and roughly what your chances of finding them are. You also get a neon green plastic garbage can. Flip the top open and you dump out what is basically a tiny rubber pencil topper. Yep, Trashies are tiny sculpted rubber “figures” designed to look like critters, or bugs, or animated pieces of garbage. I got #118. The chart tells me he’s called Scummy Squirrel and that he’s Common. He’s a blue squirrel eating a piece of garbage… or possibly a turd. Nice. There’s a surprisingly high amount of sculpted detail on something so small and rubbery. The colors aren’t bad either as you don’t see blue squirrels everyday. But that’s really all I have to say about him.
If blind bags aren’t your thing, you can collect Trashies in 5-packs, but I’m pretty sure those only show you one of the figure’s you’re getting, so it’s still a crap shoot. You can also get the Special Edition Trashies by buying larger sets like a metal trash can collector case or a garbage truck. Am I going to collect these things? Not a chance. The only reason I have this one is because Toys R Us was giving them away with each order on their website. I’m not opposed to them, mind you, and I don’t even know how much they cost, but I’ve got enough hunks of plastic to collect without going out of my way on something like this.

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