Young Justice: 4-inch Series, Wave 2: Vandal Savage and Black Canary

Time to round out the second wave of Mattel’s 4-inch Young Justice figures. This time around we finally get one very cool baddie in figure form and another single-carded adult hero to add to our collection. It’s Vandal Savage and Black Canary. And since these are the last two figures from the assortment, we’ll check in and see how the Hall of Justice C&C set is coming along.

Cool packaging? …check. I’ve said all I have to say about the Young Justice carded figures. I’m still really digging on the packages. Once again the back panel of the card contains the character portrait and bio blurb as well as an illustration of what parts your getting for the Collect & Connect Hall of Justice.
Let’s kick it off with Vandal Savage. Savage has been committed to figure form before by DC Direct, but surprisingly he has yet to appear in the DC Universe Classics line. Either way, this is the first time I’ve owned the character as an action figure and I really like what Mattel did with him. The figure features all new tooling, which is a nice change from the reuse of parts and the similar styles we’ve seen in a lot of the figures through the first two waves. He retains more of his cromagnin features than some of his past character designs, and certainly a lot more than his DC Direct figure. His overcoat is cast in soft, rubbery plastic ands certainly makes him look distinctive in this line of otherwise bland bucks. The head sculpt is pretty good, and I like the red coloring on the eyes, as well as the glossy finish on his boots and gloves.
Vandal features the basic five points of articulation that is standard for this line. He has a rotating head, his arms rotate at the shoulders and his legs rotate at the hips. He also comes with a chunk of meteor that has granted him his immortal status. It just looks like a yellow-grey blob and it’s really tough to get him to hold it, but then accessories have been more or less throwaways for this line so far.
On the flipside is Black Canary, who has been released as a figure a whole bunch of times and in a whole bunch of scales. In addition to this one, I already have the character in the Infinite Heroes line and in DC Universe Classics, and I’ve come pretty close to picking her up in 1:6 scale a couple of times. Like Vandal, Canary is a completely new sculpt, but that’s to be expected since she’s the first 4-inch female figure in this Young Justice line. She’s still pretty simple, but I really like the headsculpt and the paint apps on the face are nice and clean. I was never that crazy about the Infinite Heroes version, so I’m particularly happy to have this one in my collection.
Yep, you get the same five points of articulation here, and it’s praticularly irksome with Black Canary, since you can’t get any decent action poses out of her. They might as well have just sculpted her standing in mid scream. She does comes with her battle staff.
And there it is, the Hall of Justice as it stands with all the pieces from Wave 1 and 2. I’m a little peeved that Wave 2 leaves us with parts that can’t be connected. The first batch of figures was good about allowing you to connect what you’ve got, but here I’m left with two extra parts until I can get the next assortment of figures. Just to recap, there are 12 figures bundled with HoJ parts spread out through three waves, so that means I’ve still got four figures to go before getting this baby complete.
And there’s Wave 2. The third Wave of Young Justice 4-inchers is slated for the Fall, so I’m hoping they hit the shelves soon. Considering two of them are repaints, it shouldn’t be too much work to get them out. I can’t say as I’m jonesing for the Wave 3 figures so much, but dang I am really excited to finally get my Hall of Justice completed. As for the figures themselves, yes I still regard these figures as woefully overpriced, so if you haven’t picked up any of these yet, proceed with caution.

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