The Real Ghostbusters: Retro-Action Janine Melnitz and Samhain 2-pack by Mattel, Part 2

Ok, we mulled about with the packaging on this set long enough. Let’s get to the goods inside and we’ll kick it off with Janine Melnitz.

As a Mego-style figure, we’re mainly concerned here with the head sculpt and the outfit. Overall, I’m fairly happy with the head sculpt. I don’t think she quite stands up to the likenesses achieved by the rest of the Ghostbusters, but there’s no doubt who this is supposed to be. The glasses are similar to Egons, in that they are soft plastic and permanently attached to her head behind the ears. Some folks have been reporting issues of the paint on her hair rubbing against the package, but mine seems to have weathered it ok. The body is what it is and while loose joints are often a concern with these style figures, Janine can stand fine on her own. I think what upsets me the most is that the hands aren’t sculpted to work well with her accessories. In fact, she can barely hold her proton stream properly. If you have any of those clear rubber bands left lying around, you may want to avail yourself of them.
Janine comes in a completely new orange jumpsuit. It’s close to the jumpsuits worn by the guys, but there are some subtle differences. There aren’t any cuffs on the legs of her pants. She still has the foamy elbow pads and the Ghostbusters emblem on her shoulder. It fits the figure quite well and looks good when displayed with the rest of the team.
And then there’s Samhain. If you’re not familiar, he’s a dude with a jack-o-lantern for a head. He sports a typical Mego-style body with flowing purple robes over it. The pumpkin head is large and decently sculpted, but it still feels kind of cheap. There’s not a heck of a lot else to say about him. His joints are a lot looser than Janine’s, but he can still stand up pretty well. Don’t get me wrong, I do like him a lot and it’s very cool to have a ghost in this style for the team to fight, especially one as popular as Samhain.
In addition to the figures, this set comes with every piece of busting equipment that was issued with the other figures. You get Janine’s proton pack, a ghost trap, a PKE meter, and the ghost sniffer. There’s nothing new here, and it’s a lot of gear for Janine on her own, but it’s great to have to hand out to the rest of the team and it certainly pads out the set nicely. And then there’s Slimer. He’s a cool little sculpt with some arm articulation and pretty faithful to the animation design, but he’s way too small to be of any use with these figures.
This 2-pack rounds out my Real Ghostbusters collection really nicely. I’m glad we finally got a Janine figure, especially since she was pictured on the back of the carded figures and it’s certainly nice to have at least one baddie for the Real Ghostbusters to fight. Now the bad news. The set is a TRU exclusive and retails for $50. Now, I’m not prepared to call that highway robbery, since the other figures sold for $20 each and the extra $10 for this set can easily be tallied up to include all the extra accessories, Slimer, and the Firehouse backdrop. There’s certainly a sense of sticker shock, but I can’t say I feel ripped off with the set in hand. I wanted to make sure to get it, so I jumped at it pretty quickly, but some may be better served waiting for sales or clearance prices.

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