Transformers Encore: Sky Lynx by Takara

I had a whole lot of Transformers when I was a wee lad, but there were still some G1 toys that never wound up in my collection. Sky Lynx was one of those figures. I had ample occasions to ask for him for a birthday or for Christmas, but it seemed like there was always another figure I wanted more. Sure, he was a pretty prominant character in the cartoon, but even at that young age, I couldn’t wrap my head around how bizarre a toy he was. Thanks to Takara’s Encore series, I was able to add him to my collection last year. I never got around to featuring him here, and now that I’m caught up on all the new stuff that’s been pouring in, I thought I’d throw out some Transformers loving.

I really like the Encore Collection boxes because they try to mimic the pure nostalgic goodness of the original G1 packaging that we really haven’t seen outside of the TRU exclusive reissues. And even then it was heavily revised and modernized.  Sure, the writing on the Encore box is all in Japanese, it is a Takara product afterall, but I still get a warm, fuzzy feeling from this box. There’s no fancy velcro flap revealing a window or anything like that. It’s just a good old fashioned box containing a tray and the toy. Besides the deco, you get a ton of pictures of the toy itself.
While the cartoon version of Sky Lynx was mostly depicted as one entity, the figure itself is designed as two components that turns into two robots. The space shuttle portion changes into his bird mode and the undercarriage turns into the cat. Of course, then you can combine the two, into some kind of bizarre cat-bird creature, which is the version most often shown in the cartoon. As if trying to up the ante on strangeness, the Sunbow cartoon had him talk with a highbrow british accent.
Sky Lynx doesn’t feature a lot of paint apps, but he does have a good old fashioned sticker sheet for your applying pleasure and/or frustration. A lot of these are foil stickers, which are hard to find still fresh on the surviving vintage toys. It also means they’re doubly hard to get on without screwing them up. Particularly the enormous Autobot emblems for his wings. That having been said, once they’re all in place, they do look nice.

The Encore version still has all the electronics from the original toy. That means if you load this thing up with batteries, it’ll slowly lumber across the floor. Not terribly exciting, but cool all the same.
When Encore Sky Lynx was first released, he was a bit pricey to import. As in over $100 kind of pricey. He didn’t sell quite as well as some of the other Encore editions because he was eventually clearanced down to around $40-50 at many online retailers. Nowadays he tends to split the difference between $50-75. Is he worth it? Sort of. He’s definitely a creatively designed toy, and extremely faithful to the original toy. It’s a lot of money for what he actually is, but if you’re actively looking for him, you should definitely check this version out. Considering the original toy can be tough to come across without yellowing to the shuttle, worn out stickers, or crapped out electronics, this reissue is a decent alternative.

Best of all, this original mold is extremely faithful to Sky Lynx’s animated counterpart, and since there’s probably zero chance that he’ll ever make it into the Classics/Universe/Generations line, it’s nice that he displays well with those figures.

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